Prepare To Go Viking Again In Northgard's New Campaign

Northgard's long-awaited second campaign is finally out, expanding the game's world and introducing a brand new faction, plus lots more.

Published: December 13, 2022 11:28 AM /


A character from Northgard with crossed swords at his back, flanked by flame

Northgard has finally received a new DLC pack which adds its long-awaited second campaign. The Cross of Vidar expands Northgard's world, exposing the Southern Kingdoms civilization and introducing the Kingdom of the Lion as a brand new faction to get to know.

Since its release back in 2018, Northgard has received a trickle of regular updates, including UI improvements, clan balancing, and more. This one, though, is pretty big, which is why it's paid DLC; it's not just making a few changes. Instead, it's adding a whole new campaign that takes place after Ragnarok has decimated the land of Northgard. 

Some of the scattered clans that still remain after this world-shattering event set forth to find a new home, happening upon the Southern Kingdoms as they explore. The campaign brings 8 brand new missions to the game, with an epilogue to follow in January closing out the Cross of Vidar storyline by adding 2 extra missions.

The new Kingdom of the Lion faction in Northgard's Cross of Vidar campaign
The new Northgard campaign is finally upon us.

The new Southern Kingdoms civilization has its own buildings, as well as a unique set of stats and traits to explore, including replacing Lore with Faith, Blessings with Vows, and several other changes you'll need to get used to. The first playable faction of these kingdoms, the Kingdom of the Lion, focuses on religion and military might, and has a range of benefits and perks to reflect those focal points.

As you might expect, a number of fixes and changes are also coming with the Cross of Vidar DLC. These include corrections to text, fixes to various pathfinding issues, and changes to the way rats work. It's worth taking a look at the full Steam announcement for The Cross of Vidar to see what's changed; some of the tweaks are pretty granular, so it pays to know what they are for your next Northgard campaign.

Northgard and its Cross of Vidar expansion are both available right now on Steam. The base game will set you back $29.99, although it's currently on sale at 75% off, and the DLC costs $14.99.

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