New Northgard Update Focuses on UI, Multiplayer, Clan Balancing

The latest Northgard update, Sword & Solace, is adding a bunch of polish and fixes.

Published: May 4, 2022 12:02 PM /



The latest Northgard update, Sword & Solace, addresses a bunch of lingering issues such as the UI, multiplayer, clan balancing, and the military aspects of the game. It's also accompanied by a 75% price drop until the 15th of May on Steam along with 50% off on the DLC, so if you've been wanting to try out Northgard now, it's a great time to do so. 

What's in the latest Northgard update?

The UI is getting a pretty big update in Northgard, with inconsistencies in how information and choices were presented to the player in different game modes getting a makeover:

This prevented certain things such as, but not limited to: playing in Extreme difficulty on a classic map, playing in co-op with an AI clan in single player mode and being able to search the existing lobbies whilst being in one.

The goal of the UI update is to unify the different options and elements of the different game modes, which should make for a better overall experience. 

As for the multiplayer, there's now a new system that should distribute players in a more even fashion. One would hope that noobs aren't getting their front door kicked in by chad strategists who have doubled their APM with the introduction of this patch, but we'll see. Players will have their GP now go from 0 to 1000+ GP, so players will no longer be getting stuck after reaching 400 GP. New players will also start the season at 300 GP. As this is the first iteration of the new multiplayer and GP system, there's most likely going to be some flaws, so be sure to let Shiro know why your ranking is too low.

As for the military, it's now possible to choose a Military Path much earlier, which should make it more viable for competitive gamers. The cost of forging a weapon has also been reduced, and the weapon forge effects for almost all units have been changed. Instead, they will all grant an ability now.

Want to see the latest Northgard update in action? Check out the trailer below!

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