Pokémon Masters Red and Charizard

Pokémon Masters Celebrates Six Months With Major Update

February 28, 2020

By: Kyle Downey


To celebrate six months since the launch of Pokémon Masters, DeNA Co announced a slew of new content coming to the game, including Sygna Suit Red and Charizard. Besides 3000 free gems with another 3000 coming to those who log in each day during the event, players have new story chapters, evolutions, and game modes coming there way.

To kick things off Sygna Suit Red and Charizard have finally joined Pokémon Masters. The pair will be able to use their own sync move to allow Charizard to transform into Mega Charizard X. The pair are not going to be exclusive to this event, but players will have an increased chance to get them until March 10 at 10:59 P.M. Pacific time. Besides those two, a bunch of new evolution sync pair stories will be added as well. Oshawott, Whirlipede, Espurr, Palpitoad, Cranidos, Ponyta, Makuhita, and Nosepass to name a few will all have the chance to evolve now in-game along with many more. 


Chapters 22-24 will also be added to the main story. These new chapters will feature Valerie and her Sylveon and upon completion will let you add them to your team. Another new story event called "Shining Star" will be added featuring Elesa from Unova and her Rotom. The event will feature a unique mission format that will have players battle against AI opponents while moving across multiple maps to progress the story. Players will need to have at least completed chapter one of the main story to be able to play this special event mission. 

The last big addition coming to Pokémon Masters in this six-month celebration is the Battle Villa. The Battle Villa will be a new game mode that will throw players into a single-player gauntlet against AI opponents where they will battle until they just can't battle anymore. Battle Villa will only be open during the event so players are racing against time to see how many stages they will be able to complete before it ends. The Battle Villa will continue to pop up at other times in the game, most likely during future events. 


What do you think of the additions being made as part of this six-month celebration? What are some things you hope to see get added to Pokémon Masters down the line?

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