Lack of Pokemon Masters End Game Content Addressed By Devs

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Free Gems Awarded Due to Late Patch

There's an apparent lack of Pokemon Masters end game content and fans are none too happy about it. Thankfully, the voices of upset and disappointed fans have been heard loud and clear by the game's developer Dena.

Post-launch development of  Pokemon Masters has been a little slow, echoing the scenario of the Pokemon Go release back in July of 2016. Two issues have cropped up since the game's launch, much to the annoyance of some of the players.


Firstly, the "Power" values displayed on screens isn't always accurate; rather, it shows a number lower than your creature's actual stats. Secondly, a similar problem exists with move damage — it too is being shown at a lower value than reality.

It took the devs of Dena server weeks to get this fixed and they feel that this necessitates an apology; that's why they're sending all players a gift of 1,000 non-paid gems directly into their Present Box. You'll have until November 7, 2019, to claim them from your Present Box before they're gone for good.

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Producers Apologies for Lack of Pokemon Masters End Game Content

While the recent 1.2.1 update has surely placated some players, a number were probably upset at the lack of content. The current end game is particularly weak, and this has led to the producers apologizing via the game's official website.

Here is a portion of their machine-translated apology:

Before the release, there was a lot of expectation from everyone about the game.

I am filled with my heartfelt feelings in a situation that is not meeting your expectations.

After witnessing the opinions of many trainers, we decided again that we had to make a change to a more reliable management that had to deliver an interesting game that would exceed your expectations.

Again, I wnat to rethink the game experience. Add fun to each of acquiring, nuturing, and fighting buddies, challenge the battle with your favorite buddies many times, touch the charm of the buddies through them, it is a game experience like a cycle I want to aim for a design that expands.

From now on, "Pokemon Masters" will bring together the buddys that ttranies like, grow them up as they wish, create their own dream team, overcome the poweful enemies with the team, and further the team's thoughts on buddys. A game that will m ake everyone want to continue to play the experience they expected when they first touched the game when they watched the promo video for this game. I swear to deliver.

Hopefully, the fine folks at Dena will manage to get the game up to players' expectations. If you'd like to give Pokemon Masters a whirl, you can play it on Android and iOS.

What do you think of the producers apologizing for the lack of Pokemon Masters end game content? Are the 1,000 non-paid gems enough to make up for the delays? Let us know in the comments below!


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