How to Reroll in Pokémon Masters

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You want to be the very best like no one ever was. In Pokemon Masters, you can get dealt a hard hand—that's the nature of its gacha mechanics. But, if you want to get an edge in Pokemon Masters and get the best trainers you can, there's an easy way to do it, as long as you're willing to delete your data and put a little time into it. In this guide, you will learn how to reroll in Pokémon Masters and how you can get 5-star trainers at the beginning of your game.

How to Reroll in Pokémon Masters

What are Gacha and Rerolling?

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An example of pulling heroes in Fire Emblem Heroes.

A little background is needed on gacha and rerolling, especially if this is your first time playing a game utilizing this system. In Japan, gashapon machines are devices that dispense toy capsules. The machine shows you what kind of toys you have a potential to get, but there is only a chance that you will actually get it. You have to pay money for each capsule and hope you get the toy you want. Many mobile games, such as Fire Emblem Heroes and Dragalia Lost, monetize this philosophy. Players have a percent chance to get the character they want, and the more powerful a character is (usually indicated by stars), the lower your chance is to actually receive them. As you pay more money or in-game currency, you gain a higher chance of getting the coveted 5-star character.

Where does rerolling come into play in all of this? When a new gacha game launches, they typically give players a few rare chances to get a 5-star hero. Rerolling is when you delete your save and completely restart, in the hopes that your new save file allows you to get one or more powerful heroes. This essentially puts you ahead of the pack and can drastically change the gameplay early on. Pokemon Masters is no exception.

How to Reroll in Pokemon Masters

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Go through the first chapter for success!

If you already have a save file in Pokemon Masters, you will have to delete it. It is not suggested that you do this if you are not willing to lose your hours of progress. Furthermore, if you already spent real-world money on Pokemon Masters, you will not be recompensed. With that in mind, boot up Pokemon Masters.

At the bottom right corner of your phone's screen, touch the Poryphone. This takes you to the game's menu and lets you do a number of things, including deleting your save file. At the bottom right corner of the screen, hit "Account." You are then given two options: "Manage Account" and "Delete Save Data." You want to delete your save data. Once again, this completely deletes your save and renders it unrecoverable. It's a blank slate, so make your choice and go through a few warning prompts to delete your save.

Getting 5-Star Trainers in Pokemon Masters

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Time to get some trainers!

Congratulations! You successfully deleted your Pokemon Masters save. The way to 5-Star trainers is within reach, but first, you need to make it through the first chapter of Pokemon Masters. Go through the process of creating your account and link your Nintendo Account to the game. Make sure you provide all the right info because even though you may be doing this process several times, you never know which time will get you a 5-star trainer.

Once you have created your account and customized your trainer, go through the motions and complete Chapter 1. At this point, you can make the process a little less time-consuming and tap your phone to skip through all the dialogue. Go through several of Chapter 1's missions and gain a few rewards so that you can gain access to new trainers. After obtaining Whitney through the Sync Pair Scout (this is not optional) and editing your team, you will have to download more of the game. After this, you can finally begin your attempt to gain a 5-star trainer.

Because this guide is written around the launch of Pokemon Masters, players are given a sizable amount of free currency. How many times you can pull will depend on the promotions happening at the time. To claim your currency, touch the present at the bottom left corner and touch "Claim All." You should now have enough to pull several times. Head over to Tricia and select "Sync Pair Scout."

The moment of truth has arrived. Again, press "Sync Pair Scout," which costs 300 gems. Repeat this process as many times as you like, but to maximize your chances of success in gaining a 5-star trainer, you should spend all of your currency. Around launch, you should be able to pull around four times. If you receive a 5-star trainer, congratulations! If not, it's time to repeat the process by deleting your data and starting again.

Hopefully, you should now have one or more 5-star trainers, depending on your luck. These are more difficult to get than other trainers, so you can consider yourself lucky! Don't be discouraged if you don't get any your first time around; it may take several times. Be patient, and eventually, you will succeed and be more well-equipped to tackle Pokemon Masters.

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