Playstation E3 2016 - Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay Demo

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Horizon Zero Dawn Heading

Wow, no rest after The Last Guardian we are right into Horizon Zero Dawn, the new title from Guerrilla Games!

This is a scripted gameplay demo as we take control of Prehistoric Ygritte in her stone age adventure. The first thing we encounter is a pack of shell-walkers - robotic turtle-like creatures with deployable shields. After a quick engagement we get a look at the map and menus, with a distinctly Far Cry Feel.

Horizon Zero Dawn Weapons

No time to rest however as a "corrupted" attacks one of our fellow settlers. The corrupted appear to be mechanical fauna afflicted by a virus or sickness that causes them to be aggressive and feral. After Ygritte defeats it we get a look at the conversation system, using a wheel akin to Mass Effect's dialogue system.

We continue moving at this breakneck pace to rescue some other villagers under attack by more mechanical wildlife. Our protagonist tames a nearby "Broadhead", seeming to reprogram it on the fly to make it friendly and rideable in order to reach the village as fast as possible. The short ride to the next area is gorgeous, giving off a robotic Jurassic Park vibe.

Once we reach the village we find a "corruptor" a large walker enemy with a look like a 4-legged scorpion. The protagonist is able to scan it on the fly to discover it is weak to fire and then quickly engage. Our tamed Broadhead enters the fight and allows us to engage in some mounted combat to get some distance from this mini-boss. One of the weapons at our disposal is a tether launcher, used earlier to tame our mount. Once it is held by 4 tethers the corruptor goes down and is vulnerable to a final attack at its weak spot.

Once we take it down, the demo ends and we fade out to the next event.

Horizon Zero Dawn releases February 28, 2017 for the PS4.

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