Horizon Zero Dawn Rumored to be a Trilogy

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Horizon Zero Dawn Rumored to be a Trilogy

April 24, 2020

By: Patrick Perrault

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Guerrilla Games
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February 28, 2017
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According to VGC, Guerilla Games is not only planning a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel, but an entire trilogy of games.

After the first title sold over 10 million copies, this news isn't too surprising, as apparently this was only decided after the first game's initial debut on the PS4. In addition to its commercial success, it received an 89% rating on OpenCritic, with 96% of critics recommending the title. As if that wasn't enough, it also won a bunch of awards, including a BAFTA Games Award for Original Property.

Apparently, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will be "gigantic", with much more freedom to explore its game world compared to the first game. Co-op may also be included, but at the moment it is uncertain whether it would be delivered through the main campaign mode or through some other, separate mode. 

Originally, co-op was going to be included with the first game, but the mode was cut. With the first game a monster hit, it may have been the impetus needed for Guerilla Games to push forward with their original plans of co-op.


At one point, Guerilla Games wanted to release a standalone co-op experience/game preview with progress carrying over to Zero Dawn 2, but again, it's uncertain whether this is still going to happen. We'll see. It'll be cool to finally see the new controller in action, as apparently there will much more feedback that will really feel like you're using a bow. I mean, it probably won't be that big of a difference, but who knows. Maybe it'll be truly revolutionary.

Overall, with the PS5 on the... horizon, it stands to reason that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will be announced within the coming months. If you are like me and never got around to buying a PS4, Horizon Zero Dawn will also be released this summer on Steam so you can catch up.

What do you think of this news? Are you looking forward to Horizon Zero Dawn 2? Let us know in the comments!

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