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phantom doctrine

Phantom Doctrine is a TBT-RPG hybrid and espionage thriller simulator developed by CreativeForge Games and published by Good Shepherd Entertainment. It has just been released on PS4 and PC via Steam and GOG. Our review is overwhelmingly positive, delving into great detail about its complex, dynamic gameplay and its clever, convoluted narrative. Good Shepherd Entertainment and CreativeForge Games have also announced that the Xbox One release has been officially approved and the release date has been postponed to August 24.

CreativeForge Games is a Polish studio based in Warsaw, founded in 2011. They have previously released two other games, the turn-based tactics Hard West from 2015 and the real-time strategy Ancient Space from 2014. While Hard West has also been published by Good Shepherd Entertainment, Ancient Space was published by Paradox Interactive. Phantom Doctrine should be a turning point for the independent studio, and it might open the way for their own niche of complex turn-based tactical games with RPG and strategy elements.

Phantom Doctrine offers a 40+ hour single-player campaign with a great amount of replay value. Since players have to choose to play as either a CIA or KGB agent at first, it's also possible to replay the game with the other side of the coin to see what they missed. There's also a Mossad agent unlocked after the first playthrough, and an extended campaign mode with additional content and more details about its convoluted plot. This great wealth of additional content is also complemented by a PvP multiplayer mode now available. While our review was conducted on PC, the game did seem very technically polished and fluid, which bodes well for a great console port on both major platforms.

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What do you think of Phantom Doctrine? Can turn-based tactical games thrive in a real-time action market? Let us know in the comments below!

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