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Published: July 10, 2018 7:22 PM /


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CreativeForge Games and Good Shepherd Entertainment announced that their tactical spy thriller Phantom Doctrine will release next month, on August 14th. The third game from the Polish developer, Phantom Doctrine is a continuation of Hard West's tactical gameplay and story-driven setpieces. This time, instead of a zombie western, CreativeForge drew on classic spy thrillers to create a tactically rich experience. Phantom Doctrine will release on both PC and consoles at the same time, and it will run 39.99 USD, or whatever your local equivalent is.

Set during the height of 1980s Cold War paranoia, Phantom Doctrine places you as the leader of a secret spy organization known only as "The Cabal." Faced with a global conspiracy that threatens to plunge the East and West into all-out war, you must recruit spies from the CIA and KGB in order to thwart their plans. Along the way, you'll be infiltrating top-secret facilities, assassinating opposing spies, and engaging in open combat with your foes. That's not all, either. You can kidnap and brainwash enemy agents, and attempt to unravel the conspiracy on a digital corkboard, straight out of police noir films.

Initially revealed at Gamescom and PAX West last year, Phantom Doctrine made a splash with its giant booth and thematic advertising. Though it may seem like little more than a spy-themed XCOM clone, Phantom Doctrine is a far more tactical affair. Your spies can't take more than a bullet or two, and there's a whole host of technologically-appropriate gadgets and weaponry to use. You'll have to breach and clear rooms, hack computers and stealthily eliminate guards, should the mission require it. There's no random generation here either, as each level is designed by hand.

We'll be able to unravel the mysteries in Phantom Doctrine when it releases for Steam and consoles on August 14th.

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