Phantom: Covert Ops Release Date Announced

Published: June 16, 2020 12:21 PM /


Phantom: Covert Ops title

David Hayter announced Phantom: Covert Ops' release date during the Upload VR Showcase. Essentially, that means that Snake wants you to play this game.

That's quite an endorsement.


Though, for better or worse, Snake himself isn't in the game, and Hayter voices the villain: General Zhurov.

The Hayter-as-villain, stealth-action VR title is coming out on June 25 for the Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift. It will redefine stealth action for VR - at least, according to Snake. Er, Zhurov. (I mean Hayter.)

In Phantom: Covert Ops, you play as a covert operative. You've been deployed into hostile territory and have one night to prevent war. Use your time wisely!


The trailer showed off some sneaking action and military base environments. Given the genre, you can either confront enemies or use stealth. You'll also be able to kayak - there is a lot of water in Phantom: Covert Ops - and can be as stealthy on your boat as on foot.

It will be interesting to experience stealth in VR. Plus, there will be other VR features as well: when using a sniper rifle in-game, you position yourself as if you're eyeing down the scope in real-life.

If you want VR stealth-action, lots of kayaking, and David Hayter's voice in your ears, Phantom: Covert Ops may be for you. 


But don't take my word for it - take Snake's. Check out the trailer below:

Quick Take

As a stealth fan myself, I'll be interested to see how that gameplay is handled in VR. Though between that, the kayaking, and the sniper-scoping, it's time once again to learn that for proper VR play you need a lot of space. You wouldn't want to be playing non-lethally only to accidentally injure someone in real-life.


Interested in VR stealth action? Want to either kayak or aim down a sniper scope in VR? Sold by David Hayter? Let us know in the comments below!

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