PC E3 2015 - Enter The Gungeon

Enter The Gungeon

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PC E3 2015 - Enter The Gungeon

June 17, 2015

By: Kyle Downey

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Dodge Roll
Devolver Digital
Release Date
April 5, 2016 (Calendar)
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Enter The Gungeon is a new game from Dodge Roll Studios, an gunfight dungeon crawler with a high difficulty level. There are over 200 hand designed weapons in the game. Enter The Gungeon has gun types from shotguns and revolvers to laser guns. As you play the game and explore the dungeons you will unlock new weapons adding to your impressive variety of guns.

Each playthrough of Enter The Gungeon will be different thanks to Binding of Isaac-like power ups. Another mechanic they have used from another game is the dodge rolls from Dark Souls. These rolls will be essential in beating the dungeons. Some bosses will also pay homage to other games, such as the Gatling Gull which was inspired by the Vulcan Raven from Metal Gear Solid.  Enter The Gungeon will release on PC, Mac, Linux, and PlayStation 4 in early 2016.

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