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It's been a long while since we all first delved into the Gungeon. Described as "a benchmark in the roguelite genre" in our review, improvements can still be made. For players with a lack of experience in the genre, the grind to unlock new items could be tricky. Even a veteran with a fully decked out Ammonomicon will find stuff to enjoy here. Adding rooms, items, and synergies to a roguelike is always a good move. That's why it's great to finally report that the long-awaited Advanced Gungeons & Draguns expansion is set to launch next week.

Originally announced in August of 2017, the update was delayed significantly by the game's Switch port. Once that was over and done with, work continued, and the expansion ballooned past their original expectations. A representative from Dodge Roll games laid this out in a post to the game's official Reddit page.

 In our usual way, we kept adding stuff to AG&D until it had grown substantially beyond our original announced plans. This, coupled with the Switch interruption, meant that we spent a decent amount of time working on content that ultimately will probably be included in an update after AG&D. This is good news in a way, in that it means we're ahead of schedule on a future update... but obviously was bad news in the short run for AG&D.

Baring any further interruptions and the approval of console makers, the free AG&D expansion will hit all versions of Enter the Gungeon this coming Thursday the 19th.


Quick Take

I've played around with the update at several press events this past year. Therefore, I know of a handful of Devolver employees that will be very happy to see this update finally released. I love the game as it is, but it's definitely been a while since I felt the need to drop in. This type of huge update is just the excuse I need.

Are you excited for this free Enter the Gungeon update? Was the base game too hard for you to get into? What's your favorite gun? Let us know in the comments below!

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