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Overwatch Numbani Broken Payload

An in-universe news article on the official Overwatch website is teasing the possible reveal of Doomfist, a much-anticipated upcoming character for Blizzard Entertainment's popular first-person shooter.

Doomfist was first mentioned in the cinematic trailer for Overwatch back in November 2014; his gauntlet was said to be powerful enough to level a skyscraper in a single blow. The gauntlet became a plot device for the trailer and it served as the cargo for the payload on the hybrid map Numbani. Prior to the release of Orisa, the Numbani map underwent several changes. The airport terminal where the attacking team starts the match was changed to show the aftermath of a fight with Numbani security robots and the gauntlet container on the payload was broken open. At the time, some speculated that this was going to be the much-anticipated reveal of Doomfist but it was not to be.


The in-universe lore post is purported to be from the Times of Numbani, a fictional newspaper that ostensibly covers the fictional African city where humans and Omnics live in harmony. It opens by describing a security breach at Helix SSecurityInternational, the paramilitary organization that employs Pharah. The report indicates that an aircraft with "no passengers on board" approached the facility and faciliated the intrusion; given the stealthy operation of Talon agents in Sombra's animated short, it's reasonable to assume that a similar plan was enacted for this enterprise.

Ultimately, the incursion into Helix's facilities was pinpointed to be an operation set to free one Akande Ogundimu, the person currently believed to be holding the title of Doomfist. ("Doomfist" is not a specific person insomuch as a mantle that has been held by two other people previously.) The news post then closes to confirm that it was indeed the current Doomfist that trashed the Numbani airport as many had speculated prior to the Orisa reveal.

Discussion of the news post over on the /r/Overwatch subreddit is as lively as ever. Some useful information (and a payload full of speculation) are present as always. /u/Varixai compiled the announcements and release dates of previous heroes using data originally gathered by /u/themodster. A prediction for the release timeline of the hero (if it is actually Doomfist and not a red herring as before) was put together by /u/Alcnaeon and predicts July 13th as the release date; this would afford just around three weeks of time for PTR testing prior to the launch of the second Summer Games event.

Speculation aside, this in-universe news post tells us an interesting background story. Whether we're to get a new map, a new hero (be it Doomfist or someone else), or something else entirely has not yet been confirmed. With Overwatch's Summer Games expected to return at the beginning of August, it's likely that we won't have to wait very long for the reveal.

What do you think this in-universe news post is teasing? Do you think we'll finally get to see Doomfist or will this be another Orisa situation? What do you think Doomfist would be like as a playable hero? Let us know in the comments below!

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