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overwatch lunar new year 2018 overwatch year of the pig

Overwatch’s Lunar New Year Returns This January with Year of the Pig

The Overwatch Lunar New Year 2018 event has finally had its date announced. This yearly event has been slated to make its return once again, bringing with it a bunch of…

activision blizzard mike morhaime leaves

Blizzard Co-Founder Mike Morhaime Leaving Before Summer 2019

A filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission states that Mike Morhaime leaves Blizzard before the summer is up. Mr. Morhaime originally announced that he would be leaving his position…

ana's bastet challenge overwatch ptr january 2019

Overwatch Reveals Ana’s Bastet Challenge and New PTR Balance Patch

The folks at Blizzard have revealed Ana’s Bastet Challenge, a brand-new mini challenge for Overwatch. Additionally, the Overwatch PTR January 2019 patch has made some small balance changes to three of the game’s heroes…

overwatch bastet

Overwatch BASTET Short Story Details Secret Mission, Reveals New Ana Skin

An Overwatch BASTET short story has been released featuring Ana Amari and Jack “Soldier: 76” Morrison. The two heroes from Blizzard’s first-person shooter find themselves in the midst of a perilous mission…

Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard is Firing CFO Spencer Neumann

Activision Blizzard is having a year of ups and downs. Since October, the company’s stock has dropped significantly, and now it is firing their Chief Financial Officer Spencer Neumann. Yahoo…

free overwatch loot boxes

Get 5 Free Overwatch Loot Boxes for the Holiday Season

5 free Overwatch loot boxes are waiting for you if you haven’t logged in to the game lately. Blizzard Entertainment is once again giving away some goodies for the holiday season!…

overwatch yule log 2018

Overwatch Yule Log Returns with Charlet Chung, Matt Mercer, and More

It appears that last year has started a Christmas tradition that we’re seeing continue for 2018: the Overwatch Yule log has returned. Surprisingly, this year’s silly little event is currently featuring… vs Diablo Heroes of the Storm

Silver Lining for Heroes of the Storm’s eSports League with Community Division

Last week, Blizzard Entertainment announced that multiple members of the development team of their crossover MOBA Heroes of the Storm are moving to other company projects. This resulted in the cancellation…

Heroes of the Storm Header

Dark Clouds on Horizon for Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm After Cutting Esports, Moving Team Members

Recently, Blizzard announced changes on their official website to Heroes of the Storm’s development. Several developers are moving to other Blizzard projects, such as Hearthstone and World of Warcraft. Diversion of team…

Los Angeles Valiant St. Jude's

Los Angeles Valiant Announces Partnership With St. Jude’s To Raise $500,000

A Los Angeles Valiant St. Jude’s partnership has been formed and the Esports organization will be trying to raise a hefty chunk of cash over the next two years. The…

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