Open-World Zelda-like Adventure Lil Gator Game Announced

Published: September 21, 2021 10:05 AM /


Lil Gator Game

Developed by MegaWobble and now published by Playtonic Friends is Lil Gator Game, which is a title that focuses on exploration of a whimsical world with a Zelda-like artstyle. While this Lil Gator Announcement is not necessarily what we asked or expected from Playtonic (More 3D Yooka Laylee please?) but it's definitely not unwelcome either.

It's not the first game announced from the Playtonic Friends label, with A Little Golf Journey announced earlier this year and the label itself announced at the beginning of this year. It looks like Playtonic is still really keen on not being acquired by massive companies like Microsoft, but with the way Microsoft and Sony have been acquiring companies recently it wouldn't surprise me if I woke up tomorrow to hear that had happened anyway.

“We’ve talked a lot this year about what attracts us to new projects and it really boil down to one thing - finding games WE want to play and in a lot of cases wish we’d come up with!” said Gavin Price, CEO, Playtonic Friends. “That really couldn’t be more the case with the guys at MegaWobble and the amazing world they’ve created with Lil Gator Game. From the first time we saw a few short gifs online we were so impressed and it just made sense to get in touch with them. Turns out they are fans of all the same great games as us, shared a love of adventure platformers and so we decided to team up.”

Tell me more about the Lil Gator Announcement!

Sure thing! Players will be able to use a toolbox of toys and abilities as they explore a giant play park that's spread across an island. Lil Gator will climb, jump, and glide as he flits to adventure to adventure and friend to friend. Apparently, the game is built to be a wholesome and enjoyable experience built upon the concept of friendship and helping your fellow man gator out. You'll also be able to collect arts and crafts supplies across the island and help bring the playground to life if that's your kind of thing.

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