Nintendo Says Animal Crossing: New Horizons Real Money Trades Violate Terms of Service

Published: June 15, 2020 4:35 PM /


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Animal Crossing: New Horizons originally released in March earlier this year, and its creative freedom allowed its players to let their imagination run wild. We saw mysteries being solved of villagers moving out, and even protests organized in support of Hong Kong's political issues. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons' community can all agree trading turnips, and the entire economical system of the title is in relative shambles. Players are now moving towards selling villagers as well. Amiibo cards allow you to populate your island with colorful, fluffy, and friendly villagers. Those cards witnessed a significant increase in price, and the villagers that don't have started appearing for ludicrous prices on the black market.

Reports came from J-Cast News that real money trading for certain villagers, namely Raymond, Marshall, Dom, and Judy. Raymond specifically is considered one of the most expensive villagers available on Animal Crossing: New Horizons' black market, with him not being able to be found in Amiibo Card form. Nook Miles Tickets are featured there as well, which allows the player to visit other deserted islands on mystery tours, and have become the in-game trading material.

J-Cast reached out to Nintendo Co Ltd in Japan about real money trading and whether it violates Animal Crossing: New Horizons and the studio's Terms of Service. Nintendo confirmed that real money trading is a violation of their Terms of Service. However, it is uncertain how the developer will address this situation, considering it is a common issue within the community that everyone is aware of. The first step will probably to try and handle third-party websites facilitating the purchase and acquisition of these villagers through illegal manners. It is unlikely Nintendo will be able to get them all, but at least it will be a start to cleanse the title's suffering economical system.

What do you think of the economical issues plaguing Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Should Nintendo address the subject loud and clear and step in to regulate these transactions? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions on the matter in the comments section down below.

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