New Star Wars Game Coming from Skydance New Media

Published: April 19, 2022 1:16 PM /


New Star Wars Game Skydance cover

Amy Hennig and Julian Beak's Skydance New Media is making a new Star Wars game that will be a "richly cinematic action-adventure."

Fans of the Star Wars franchise have been absolutely feasting in recent years. Aside from the recently-released (and highly popularLego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, Quantic Dream is also working on a mysterious project called Star Wars Eclipse. Now, yet another company is taking a crack at the Star Wars universe: Skydance New Media.

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What We Know About Skydance's New Star Wars Game

Sadly, there isn't yet much in the way of specific details about the new Star Wars game from Skydance New Media. We can, however, glean some hints based on the contents of today's announcement.

This upcoming game is described as a "richly cinematic action-adventure." While that's a fairly broad description, it probably eliminates the chance of this project being something like a turn-based card game. The announcement also notes that this will be an original story.

That aside, there isn't much more in the way of concrete details. Since Amy Henning is involved, we can probably infer that the writing will likely be up to par with the Uncharted games at the minimum.

Skydance New Media's mission is to turn licensed properties into high-quality games; it already has an unnamed project with Marvel in the works. Its sister company Skydance Interactive recently had a fair amount of success with The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, but that is not necessarily an indication of what we should expect with this new Star Wars game -- Skydance New Media is its own separate team.

Hennig had previously worked on Star Wars project at Electronic Arts code-named Ragtag; it would have focused on a group of unusual characters rather than a single protagonist. For what it's worth, the people at the top of Skydance New Media have decades of experience in game development under their belt. It's sure to be an interesting project (however it might end up), especially because the creative talent driving this project seems to have a solid appreciation for Star Wars.

"I’ve often described how seeing Star Wars in 1977 essentially rewired my 12-year-old brain, shaping my creative life and future indelibly," said Skydance New Media President Amy Henning. "I’m elated to be working with Lucasfilm Games again to tell interactive stories in this galaxy that I love."


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