Star Wars Eclipse Failed to Attract New Talent at Quantic Dream, Report Says

Star Wars Eclipse got a lot of buzz at last year's The Game Awards, but a new report says that Quantic Dream is having a hard time getting new developers to join the company and work on this upcoming game.

Published: March 3, 2022 2:25 PM /


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Quantic Dream's Star Wars Eclipse made a splash when it debuted at The Game Awards last year, but a new report says that it's struggling to attract new developers to join up -- and that might push back this upcoming game's release date.

Last year, Star Wars Eclipse made a surprising debut at The Game Awards 2021. Though it was visually impressive, there wasn't much in the way of concrete details about the game. Now, a new report indicates that Quantic Dream might have to push back the launch of this upcoming Star Wars game because it's having a difficult time hiring new developers to work on it.

If you missed out the first time around, check out the trailer for Star Wars Eclipse to see why some people are so hyped up about it:

What's Happening with Star Wars Eclipse at Quantic Dream?

According to Tom Henderson at Xfire (via Reddit), the Star Wars Eclipse trailer you see above served a dual purpose. Yes, it was intended to announce a new Star Wars title to the gamers watching The Game Awards, but it was also intended to attract new talent to the company.

Unfortunately, it seems that the move didn't quite accomplish its goal. There are over 60 jobs available at Quantic Dream in Paris, and this is virtually unchanged from the situation three months ago when the game was first revealed to the world. Interestingly, it also appears that Quantic Dream may be republishing old job listings to make them look newer; in some cases, these republished listings are two years old, such as with this posting for a Senior Level Designer in February 2022 that is pretty darn similar to an older job listing from 2021.

Adding to the hard data, Henderson's sources say that the company hasn't been bringing on new talent as quickly as it would have liked to. The ultimate result is a potential delay of the Star Wars Eclipse release date to 2027-2028.

So, why is Quantic Dream having a hard time hiring people? Aside from the difficulties in attracting experienced talent in pretty much any industry, Quantic Dream has had its fair share of problems with an alleged toxic work culture. The company was condemned by a French court over the issue in 2019 and lost an appeal over an unfair dismissal lawsuit in 2021.

While it's pretty clear that Quantic Dream has been nudging the dates forward on its job listings, we can't say for certain what the situation actually looks like inside the company aside from Henderson's confidential sources. For now, all we can do is hope that Star Wars Eclipse will actually come out sometime this decade. You can learn more about this upcoming game on its official website.

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