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New Kao The Kangaroo Game Bounces Its Way To Steam In 2021

September 1, 2020 8:53 AM

By: Joseph Allen


Tate Multimedia has confirmed that the new Kao the Kangaroo game is coming to PC in 2021. Right now, the game is simply called Kao the Kangaroo, and it'll continue the series' legacy of 3D platforming and boxing action.

What can we expect from the new Kao the Kangaroo game?

Plot-wise, the new Kao game will follow the titular marsupial as he hunts for his missing sister and tries to discover what happened to his father. His way will be blocked by famous "fighting masters" who are under the influence of a mysterious dark power. The journey will culminate in a battle with the Eternal Warrior, whose "ambitions are a threat to the world's balance". You can check out the teaser trailer for Kao the Kangaroo (which features some very silly crabs) right here:


In gameplay terms, we're fully expecting Kao the Kangaroo to continue the 3D platformer legacy of its forebearers (or fore-kangaroos). That means a combination of precision jumping, boxing-based combat, and exploration to hunt for hidden collectibles. Alongside the new trailer, Tate Multimedia also showed off a new redesign of Kao which the studio says is intended to evoke the "classic Kao spirit" but also give him a "modern look".

The new Kao the Kangaroo redesign
This is the new redesign for Kao the Kangaroo's titular protagonist.

What's the history behind Kao the Kangaroo?

The Kao the Kangaroo franchise began way back in 2000, which makes 2020 its 20th anniversary. The second game was revived in 2019 thanks to the Twitter hashtag #BringKaoBack. Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2 was made available via Steam in June 2019. This new game will be the fifth in the series, although the others haven't yet come to modern platforms, and it's fairly unlikely that they will. Tate confirmed that it was working on a new Kao game in June 2020, but this is the first we've seen of the kangaroo's new redesign and how his new adventure will look.


You can wishlist Kao the Kangaroo on Steam right now ahead of its 2021 release. We'll bring you more about this one as soon as we get it.

Are you excited to learn more about Kao the Kangaroo? Let us know in the comments below! 


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