New Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure Of Dai Trailer Released, Dark Army Commanders Detailed

Published: August 18, 2023 9:43 AM /


A closeup of Maam using her Magic Bullet skill in Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai

Square Enix has released a new Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai trailer, as well as revealing more info about the game's nefarious Dark Army Commanders.

The trailer, which was released to announce Nintendo Switch pre-orders now being open, shows Dai and his friends battling iconic Dragon Quest enemies and using their special skills.

We see all four party members - Dai, Popp, Maam, and Hyunckel - fighting as the trailer exhorts players to "believe in [their] bonds" and to "fight with the heart of a hero".

As well as releasing the new trailer, Square Enix has also revealed more information about the Dark Army Commanders that stand between Dai and his goals.

Each Commander has a different style, as well as a terrifying Ultimate Technique that you'll need to defend against if you want to succeed.

The first Commander revealed is Hadlar, a close combat specialist with the Ultimate Technique "Kasizz", a fire spell that burns all in its path.

Second up, it's Crocodine, another close-range fighter with a fire-based Ultimate Technique in "Heat Breath".

The brilliantly-named Blizzblaze General Flazzard is third, and you can get a quick glimpse of him in the new trailer as well. His body is half fire and half ice, and his Ultimate Technique is a five-time cast of the devastating spell "Kafrizz".

Your fourth new Dark Army Commander in Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai is Mystvearn, a shadowy Dark Aura mage who uses Dark Puppetry to immobilize and annihilate his opponents.

Lastly, General Baran, the leader of the Dragon Legion, is a skilled warrior and mage, and his Ultimate Technique is to transform into a new "Dragonoid" form with which he can pulverize his enemies.

Other foes include "mid-level enemies" like the Dragon Masters, Baran's fearsome generals who you'll have to battle through if you want to face the Commanders.

Infinity Strash: Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai launches on September 28th for PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox Series X|S.

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