New Fort Solis Trailer Shows The Dark Side Of Mars

Published: August 2, 2023 10:28 AM /


A character talking to another via video link on a futuristic video screen in Fort Solis

A new Fort Solis trailer has been released, showing the psychological terrors that await you on Mars.

Titled "Dark Side of the Red Planet", the trailer shows protagonist Jack Leary exploring the abandoned facility of Fort Solis, and while things start out easy enough, events quickly spiral.

As Jack explores, the mystery of Fort Solis becomes thicker and more impenetrable. Is it the isolation of Mars that's getting under Jack's skin or is something more sinister going on?

The new trailer for Fort Solis opens with Jack, voiced by Red Dead Redemption 2 alum Roger Clark, hailing Fort Solis and responding to its alarm.

When Jack arrives, he finds Solis locked down and abandoned. He removes his helmet because it's "not natural" to leave it on for too long, but it sounds like that was a bad move.

As the trailer proceeds, it becomes more and more elliptical and fragmented, presumably to match Jack's descending state of mind as he spends more time in Fort Solis.

Per a press release, Fort Solis will consist of four chapters, which you can either split up or binge like a Netflix drama.

The story will be told with no camera cuts and no load times, and there won't be a heads-up display either.

The voice cast consists not only of Clark, but also of legendary (if occasionally misguided) voice actor Troy Baker, whose name you'll likely know from The Last of Us and BioShock Infinite, among many other projects.

You may also recognize the voice of Julia Brown, who's starred in British dramas The Last Kingdom and World on Fire.

Fort Solis is due to arrive on PC and PlayStation 5 on August 22nd.

TechRaptor's own Dan Rockwood got to sit down with a preview build of the game at PAX East earlier this year, describing it as a "slow-paced narrative horror experience" with "plenty to look forward to".


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