Naughty Dog Pledges to Continue Supporting PC After The Last of Us Part I Release

Published: March 28, 2023 2:22 PM /


Last of Us Part I

Today Naughty Dog is celebrating the release of the PC Version of The Last of Us Part I, and the acclaimed studio has made an interesting promise to its fans on PC.

We hear that the developer is keen on continuing to create games across both PC and PS5 in the future. They have embraced multiplatform development as it allows them to incorporating lessons learned on both sides in the overall design of their games.


Here's the full statement from the studio's blog.

"So, where will the next Naughty Dog development adventure take us? Rest assured, PlayStation and PC players, we’re already looking forward to sharing more, whether you prefer a DualSense controller or a keyboard and mouse. Developing for both platforms empowers us to incorporate lessons learned from either into the overall design of our games. Sharing our stories and experiences on PS5 as well as PC is something that Naughty Dog has embraced and will continue to support moving forward."

That being said, hopefully, this commitment will also bring better optimization going forward. The PC version of  The Last of Us Part I is sitting on "Mixed" review on Steam at the moment of this writing, with players complaining about technical shortcomings, stutters, crashes, and more. 

If you're unfamiliar with The Last of Us, it's an ultra-popular post-apocalyptic adventure game that was originally released by Naughty Dog in 2013 for PS3 and then remastered for PS4 only a year after. The remake titled The Last of Us Part I was then released for PS5 last year, and it launched on PC today. 

A sequel, titled The Last of Us Part II was released to critical acclaim for PS4 in 2020, while Naughty Dog is currently working on a multiplayer title set in the franchise's world about which we know very little, but is said to be one of the developer's most ambitious projects and more news have been promised for later this year. 

A TV show has recently debuted on HBO and HBO Max, and it has been met with widespread praise from critics and fans. It has been renewed for season 2 after just two episodes were aired, which is definitely a testament to its success and to how loved the franchise is by its fans. 



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