Mighty Problems for Mighty No. 9 Launch - Keys, Wiis and DLCs

Published: June 22, 2016 11:31 AM /


Mighty No 9 Cutscene

Fourteen months past a target date funded by $3.8 million, Mighty No. 9 has finally launched... in manner similar to a Titan missile with a failing vernier engine, corkscrewing its way across the Internet in one gaffe after another. This, while also selling Day One DLC into the bargain. From all accounts, Mighty No. 9 is a mostly competent side-scrolling shooter, albeit one plagued almost from its inception with production delays and community rapport problems. Even more issues have cropped up during launch, in what appears to be the direct result of unpreparedness.

Mighty No 9 Finished Gameplay


When Comcept made its launch announcement to Mighty No. 9's backers, it included warnings that their keys might not work due to publication lag issues, even after the game went live on stores.

"If it doesn’t work right away, please wait a little and try again. This issue is most likely to occur on PS platforms, and will depend on local store policies."

This suggests that non-backers might actually have gotten first crack at playing the game, just by dint of not having to wait for a backer's code to start working properly. A number of backers have responded with complaints of feeling like they are being made to stand at the back of the bus. Then it turned out backers weren't getting the right codes for DLC, or were getting multiple keys for the same one.



Meanwhile, a laundry list of issues have kicked up in the wake of launch day:

  • The XBox360 publishing process revealed a certification bug, preventing its publication to that platform until the issue is resolved... "in a few days".
  • A rumor began spreading that the game was actually breaking Wii U consoles, which partner company Deep Silver responded to by declaring a patch was already in progress, indicating that at least some cases of "bricking" had been confirmed.
  • Mac and Linux versions of the game on Steam are still working through final testing, with their own launches several days down the road.
  • And reports are also coming in that the "Day One" DLC for the character of Ray contains typos, what appear to be script notes, and allegedly unspoken lines which nonetheless appear as subtitles.

Mighty No 9 Moaning

On the plus side, we are able to clear up a rather harmful rumor that's been blazing across the Internet: the already-infamous "it's better than nothing" statement came from Ben Judd offering his own personal opinion during a discussion about development stresses, not Keiji Inafune. Judd, who worked at Capcom as a localization lead, now partners with Comcept as Executive VP of Digital Development Management ("The World's Leading Video Game Agency"). Inafune has taken responsibility himself for Mighty No. 9's rollout, saying "I own all the problems that came with this game."

It remains to be seen if any more surprises are lurking within Mighty No. 9 as matters progress.

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