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Warning: some images/links contain strong language.

The community surrounding Mighty No. 9, a game Kickstarted for promising to be a spiritual successor to Mega Man, has been in uproar recently – and not for the first time. And for some very similar reasons. Well, similar in the sense that the issues surrounding the first set of issues, and the issues now, all seem to stem from one person: the Mighty No. 9 community manager known as Dina. But, do not mistake that Comcept, the developers of the game, are equally at fault here for allowing what will be discussed here to continue to happen.

A recap of what happened last year:

In November, the Mighty No. 9 forums were started up and Dina as the community manager was eventually introduced. This was how she introduced herself. That started a curiosity about who she was and what she was doing there, was she qualified?


Regardless of what they found out about her personal politics, which some will focus on, what the community found out was troubling. Mighty No. 9 has been, since the beginning, advertised as the next game to revive the Mega Man franchise just under a different name. Well, Dina apparently has no experience with Mega Man, which would obviously rub that community in the wrong way, but most troubling is that she freely admitted that she only backed the project because her boyfriend (or best friend? still unclear here, regardless it is still a conflict of interest) is supposedly working on the project.

Now it gets a little confusing. That introduction she gave doesn’t really explain her role but it does seem she would be playing the community manager. However, some people were unsure about her role due to these tweets (more info that is just speculation, but helps explain the confusion). Eventually, Mark from 8-4, the localization developers for Mighty No. 9, responded (second email in image) saying that Dina was definitely not involved in the design process of the game.

That seemed to be a dead end and something that community members wouldn’t have to worry about anymore. However, the problems with Dina as the community manager don’t end there. The red underlined portions of Mark’s email are where many community members had, and continue to have issues.

Mark describes the role of the community manager was to be the “conduit between the community and the [development] team.” And that she is to be impartial. Obviously, she is not only going to pass on information as it is her job to also weed out spamming, trolling ,etc. But, Dina, as well as other moderators, don’t seem to be impartial when they start locking and deleting threads as well as banning backers from the forums for many reasons.

This was the original set of forum rules. People were banned, forums locked/deleted for: essentially saying goodbye to the community, voicing disagreement, and humor?

But the greivances against Dina don’t end there, the community is angry over not having their voice heard, not being directly spoken to by the mods but having their posts edited, and for how unprofessional they seem to act in some cases (Dina is Petitemistress).

Here is a great summation of much of the community’s feelings by user Heavy01.


The most frustrating thing is that when Mark said that Dina was essentially the “conduit between the community and the [development] team,” he was both right and wrong. It appears that nearly every bit of communication goes through Dina directly or indirectly. Various email addresses exist, but it appears that while Dina may not be in charge of them, she most assuredly has access to them.  That’s an issue because who knows how aware Comcept truly is of what is going on in the community as their eyes and ears is in the position to manipulate, or leave out, what is said to them.

To top it all off, the worry that many community members had was not acknowledged by Comcept who refused to refund any backers – regardless of the legitimacy of their complaints about the community.

That more or less sums up what happened before (and is more or less still ongoing). Recently, the actions of the moderators of the Mighty No. 9 community, Dina first and foremost, have leaked over to the GamerGate issue. Dina disagrees with the GamerGate movement and seems to be silencing any discussion of it on the forums as well as blocking backers from the Mighty No. 9 official Twitter.

One of the reasons she decided to remove a discussion of GamerGate is because it lacked sources. However, a community member did source their disagreements in a past thread long ago and the moderators still removed it. Dina claimed it to be harassment when the community member was criticizing her summation that a post should be allowed to stay because it was “middle of the road.” The evidence was to show just how the submitter was not middle of the road. Hypocritical to say the least, and seemingly censoring an opinion she disagrees with/bolstering one she does agree with at worst.

The latest controversy is over backers, some that have pledged hundreds of dollars, being blocked from the official Mighty No. 9 Twitter account. Dina claims that this is not happening. One also cannot help to notice how tactlessly she decided to respond to the issue. That kind of language and approach is common throughout her Twitter, and to a lesser degree on the Mighty No. 9 forums. That is worthy of note as this is just further evidence of the lack of professionalism that many community members have worried about for a long time.

It is also worth noting that many people blocked from the official Mighty No. 9 Twitter account are blocked from Dina’s as well.

The fact remains though: some Mighty No. 9 backers are being blocked, but why? So far I am still waiting for a reply from Comcept on the matter.

For many community members, silencing GamerGate discussion has been the final straw and they have started to issue chargebacks on their bank accounts, which essentially means that Comcept, if the chargeback is deemed correct, has no option in paying the person back. Some reports have come out that backers have received their money back through this method.

This is not condoning of that action but it brings up a question: why has Comcept continued to keep Dina as the Mighty No. 9 community manager if she is now undeniably making them lose money? A question that I hope to receive an answer to from Comcept some day.

A thing for all to consider: most of the information here was “leaked” from the Mighty No. 9 forums as the official forums are only accessible by backers, which I do not happen to be. Any information here was leaked, or given to TechRaptor, from users. That means that nobody here, unless you happen to be a backer, is seeing the full picture.

The saddest thing about all of this is that those actually developing Mighty No. 9 probably just want people to enjoy the game they are in the process of creating. This is one of those weird incidents where the controversy does not lie with the content of the game, or the people attached to its creation, but to simply a community manager.

Andrew Otton

Editor in Chief

Editor in Chief at TechRaptor. Lover of some things, a not so much lover of other things.

  • Dehydration

    One of the most reasoned voices during the Dinaster earlier was Heavy01, a backer forum user who tried to argue the points the community were all frustrated about. His posts detail them well and have screenshots floating the internet somewhere, if anyone wants to get further into it.

  • epy

    A damn shame. I didn’t back it but I was excited to buy it when released. Don’t care much about it now. It sure sucks for the people that backed the project to be treated like this.

  • No Excuses VTW

    I have precious little respect for Keiji Inafune. I really don’t think he gives a toss about his backers, they’re just free money to him. His finances, on the other hand, ARE rather precious to him. Full disclosure, I’m a fan of Hideki Kamiya’s work and he hates Inafune’s guts (or it sure seems like it sometimes). :p

  • Tabitha Dickerson

    I had planned to buy this game until I met Dina. She’s an unpleasant individual.

  • joy patel

    Let this game & the ridiculous company fail. Backers, please do quite en masse. Someone else can create the game.

  • Tabitha Dickerson

    We already have like 10 games that are far better than it anyway 😀 Also Megaman Zero <3

  • kirakila

    Bakers should all just demand their money back. This kind of attitude just ruin everything good that could be kickstarter. This and Tim Schafer X)

  • Tabitha Dickerson

    I was massively disappointed to meet him. Used to love full throttle and all that.

  • wcg

    Her tweet about Gamergate crashing and burning is the sort of thing that motivates me to be more vocal about it. Clearly she doesn’t see that she is part of the problem. Anyway, if you don’t take your community as your number one priority, particularly for an indie/kickstarter game, your really shouldn’t be running a company.

  • Raiiban

    More people need to see stuff like this and be aware of the types of people they may end up supporting. Dina wasn’t part of MN9 during the kickstarter, she came in a couple months after and proceeded to wreck things. Consumers need to make a statement for this that her and her staffs behavior won’t be tolerated any longer.

  • Topgeartony

    I saw this coming with the advent of IA’s first video. All we need is for someone to get ahold of Inafune and show him this shit. End with that it’s going to affect his bottom line. remember he’s a business man, so that will get his attention.

    I’ve been saying this a lot about people, but only because it’s applicable. but Dina and the Mighty No.9 community managers are fucking jokes.

  • alto_angelo

    You should really emphasize on comcept JP didnt know this. there is huge chance they dont know at all because of language barrier

  • Raiiban

    Controversy has been going on for 10+ months now and some of the staff knows some english and browses the forum. I’d say the chance of them not knowing is small by now.

  • Char

    Not to mention I got my first ban after reaching out to the comcept_JP twitter

  • Char

    Figured I’d drudge this up, bit of a read, not my doing:

    The community is angry, gave up on the game, or is completely sycophantic just to avoid bans on the forums these days.

    For those interested here is a rundown of the main issues. On the MN9 forums from Derpasaur.

    “This issue was misconstrued by media that had no
    access to the backers forum and was only going off what they could
    obtain from 3rd-party sites that were discussing this. All of the
    articles were made as basic “click bait” saying that the boards were
    misogynist and people were mad she was a feminist. While that was the
    initial knee-jerk response, that was cleared up fairly quickly, no one
    had any problems with it at all.

    What cause problems was the sheer lack of professionalism that Dina
    has displayed. She will edit any post that she feels are wrong based on
    her own interpretation of whatever was posted, not based on the rules.
    When things were posted in line with the rules, but she disagreed with
    the execution of what was posted, she’d lock the topic.

    Any thread/post/comment directed at her in ANY form, be it polite or
    rude, was deleted. People then started getting banned for simply voicing
    their concerns, or some for even saying they would be leaving the
    forums until things got better.

    Then people tried getting refunds because they no longer wanted to be
    apart of the project, they all were within the official window provided
    by amazon payments. They were denied 3 hours before the deadline on
    December 30th by DDM with a vague email saying “if you’re unhappy at the
    moment, consider stepping away from the forums”. They asked for answers
    directly from Comcept, in which Dina said she “Is Comcept” and also
    that everyone on staff is “aware”.

    Then people came back to the forums, upset about the response that
    was given to them. Not only was it unprofessional, it lumped in some
    legitimate concerns for a refund as being an “unhappy” backer because of
    forum decisions. Some people genuinely needed their money back for
    bills, loss of jobs, etc.

    Then, after people starting voicing their disapproval of how things
    are being handled, some did worse than others obviously, but some were
    polite, level headed, and professional, 11-12 members were banned
    without any warning, or reason.

    Dina herself told several of them if they requested information about
    the ban, they’d be provided with one. Over a week later people received
    a generic copy and paste email saying it’s against Comcepts policy to
    discuss the reasons for bans. Dina then replied in the forums basically
    saying “whoops, I didn’t know the policy”.

    She doesn’t even know the policy of the company she works for about
    banning the members of the forums she’s in charge of monitoring. So,
    after that the rules were excruciatingly detailed to the point where if
    any post didn’t meet those exact requirements the member would be given a
    warning/strike/ or a ban.

    Blatant rule breaking by other members that did not speak up against
    Dina has been allowed. Commercial advertising of La-Mulana 2’s
    kickstarter was one, because Dina is friends with people at Playism.
    That goes directly against the rules about advertising in any form. A
    member spoke up about it, his post was edited, message deleted, and
    received a strike that goes towards a ban after 3 are received.

    There are literally HUNDREDS of screenshots pointing out all of these
    edits and bans taken by the forum members. It is no longer about
    concerns for the gender of the robots, it was maybe a concern for 10
    minutes on that initial day, but now it’s about an abuse of power. If
    you’re a backer you can confirm THE FORUMS ARE DEAD. No one hardly posts
    there anymore out of fear of being banned. Another fan site is where a
    lot of the discussion is held now, alot of the banned members go there.
    The rest stay in the 200k+ post, kickstarter comments. In which Dina
    runs around as her self-named “MARDINAFUNE” on Inafune’s account giving
    out forum infractions for things that take place on a separate site.
    People were even banned for tweeting @inafune and @comcept.

    Dina has effectively rendered the forums useless. No one wants to
    post. No one is left to post that were initially responsible for them
    being active. No one wants to come back either because everything deemed
    “inappropriate” is based on the whims of those that have the forum
    permissions to ban. Any given day it could be different.

    This isn’t what we signed up for. This isn’t what we paid our money
    to be apart of. We’re being treated like we’re free-members, not people
    that paid our hard earned money to see this project be great. Dina is
    basically sayin the forums are hers, not the community’s. It’s her way
    or the highway. If she doesn’t agree with how you are as a community
    member, you’re gone.
    This is why A LOT of people want her gone. Not because she’s a woman,
    or a feminist, or a communist, or wanted to make Beck a grill….it’s
    because she is literally toxic to this project and she’s killing the
    community as a result. “_derpasaur via Kotaku comment.

  • Viredae

    I seriously disagree, simply for the fact that I do not want to sabotage a game’s success based on something that is not within the game itself, if anything, that’s the exact opposite of the goal I want #GG to have, and that is for games to sink or swim on their own merit, not the politics or drama surrounding it.

  • 33

    It should also be noted that 8-4 are an awful and professional band of “translators” who removed dialogue completely instead of translating it from Gunvolt and have added some gender politics to the game that isn’t there in the original.

    It’s not directly related to Dina and her inability to do her job properly, but people seem to be unaware of the types of people they’re supporting in regards to Mn9.

  • Viredae

    I don’t know how you can tell, Kamiya is so foul mouthed I’m convinced he hates the entire world.

    That’s not a demerit, by the way, just an observation.

  • Viredae

    Can you please link to an image of the removed text? As it can simply be that the text was shortened to preserve memory space and wasn’t essential.

    Because by my experience, 8-4 are one of the most well known localization firms out there.

    Edit: also, the original Japanese text of the above images would be nice.

  • Raiiban

    The problem is that backers are supposed to have a say in the game and are being silenced by someone (dina) working directly for comcept, regardless of any other knowns or unknowns this is a fact. The games content that’s being determined by fan input is being directly manipulated as people with their own says are silenced by the forum staff. That is the problem, and it goes against everything #GG is about. If they want to make a game with fan input, they need to be able to see all the fan input, not just the stuff that Dina approves of. The game will suffer for such selective input that’s screen and approved by one unqualified person with an agenda and serious personality problems, and comcept should be sent a message that this is not acceptable.

  • Reptile

    No more buy from me, no matter how awesome the game is, this attitude is unacceptable.
    The developers should feel ashamed for this to be happening and not doing anything. There is no excuse to be passive towards this kind of action that degrades the company name.

    I was looking forward to it, now Mighty Number 9 is on my “never support/buy” list. Never tought I would be saying this but Capcom, with its DLC policy, is more honest than Comcept (yes, because she talks as Comcept). At least Capcom allow people to criticize.

  • Cyberxion

    That’s how the free market works. You wanna sell your products, you don’t act like a huge bag of douche. It’s not a concept that originated with #GamerGate, so to suggest that the movement should essentially surrender its consumer rights just so you can buy a game guilt-free is kinda shitty.

  • Viredae

    That’s not the free market, the free market’s sole goal is to promote the best product based on its own merits, consumers vote with their wallet, yes, and that’s inevitable, but to suggest that it should be a popularity contest to sabotage and silence people we don’t like is the very same thing the SJW crowd is being (rightfully) accused of doing right now.

    If we want unbiased journalism in gaming, it stands to reason that we should also at the very least ATTEMPT to be unbiased in our own purchasing habits.

    Remember that the only reason companies are scared shitless of these “journalists” is that they could ruin them with simply bad press, are you suggesting we simply cut out the middle man so we can hold a club over developer’s heads?

    You want to choose your games based on who you personally like and dislike? Be my guest, but realize that this will eventually mean that video games will turn into nothing more than another political race for who can garner the most brownie points with the consumer base, not based on quality, but on lip service.

  • Viredae

    That assumes that this has, in any way, affected the fan input process, and while it wouldn’t surprise me to find out the next day that it has, AFAIK it hasn’t, and I certainly don’t want to jump any more guns in #GG than we already have, Mundane Matt felt that sting, people who investigated ZQ’s charity fiasco also did, and JordanOwen also suffered some blowback from gloating too soon about that police report.

    Dina banned people she didn’t like, and showed biased and completely stupid behaviour in regards to damage control, that’s certain.

    Dina has very likely been hired as a result of nepotism, that’s very, very likely.

    Dina is a complete, dyed-in-the-wool SJW, that’s pretty damn apparent.

    What isn’t clear is whether or not this game’s fan input has been tampered with, and until we know for sure, I’d rather not hurl baseless accusations at someone simply because I don’t like them, that’s something an SJW would do, I like to think I’m better than that.

    Like I said, I want to judge the game by its merit, and I have a question for you:

    Based on what you know, is the game good, or bad?

    I don’t care what Dina did outside of the development process, and I don’t care how much you hate her guts.

    Game good? Or bad? That’s all I care about.

  • Raiiban

    Having played the beta. It’s meh. I’ve played many better Megaman clones.

    I would love to provide more input on the game along with some of my fellow backers, but many of us have been banned and harassed by the mod staff for supporting #GG off of the forums. So yes, input has been directly affected. We payed money, some of us hundreds, and now we have no voice due to dina’s heavy handed censorship and self serving policies.

    Fan input has been tampered with. If you take away the ability of certain people to contribute it, that’s tampering.

  • Dudebro Zero

    There is really only one explanation for this: Her boyfriend, the one who got her on the project has tremendous power in the company. And tremendous power in this case means he or his parents contributed an amount of money to it so vast that Inafune thinks he can’t afford to kick him out.

    Do not write me off as a conspiracy theorist unless you can come up with a more plausible explanation.

  • Dudebro Zero

    “What isn’t clear is whether or not this game’s fan input has been tampered with”

    People’s posts ABOUT THE GAME were altered, deleted and some people banned entirely. In what world is that not tampering with fan input? I honestly don’t see if you’re oblivious or a new type of “moderate” shill.

  • Dudebro Zero

    If forum access was part of the deal then banning people who didn’t break rules is literally a breach of contract and would entitle the users to a refund. So basically my advice to megaman fans would be:
    1. Find out if you were promised forum access.
    2. If yes, find a way to get banned without breaking rules.
    3. Demand refund.

  • Viredae

    “Having played the beta. It’s meh. I’ve played many better Megaman clones.”

    Then that should be your criteria on whether or not you want to quit, not personal drama bullshit, this right here is quite enough of a reason to quit, and you shouldn’t even have to waste the breath of qualifying that with any extraneous things.

    “Fan input has been tampered with. If you take away the ability of certain people to contribute it, that’s tampering.”

    This, however, is a stretch at best, and it’s exactly what I mean by personal drama bullshit, she attacked people she found to be on to her (covering her ass from nepotism), and she quite clearly has an agenda to “take revenge” against #GG supporters (petty personal drama bullshit).

    Nothing about her actions so far suggest that she wants to alter fan input in any way, she wants to abuse her power to attack people she doesn’t like, among many other scummy actions, but I certainly can’t logically connect this to her wanting to obfuscate fan input in any way.

  • Viredae

    And I’m not excusing her actions, she’s a shitty community manager at best and a bigoted asshole who abuses power to push her agenda at worse.

    But that doesn’t justify punishing the developers and the game over what a shitty employee does, I’ve said it time and time again in this thread, that’s SJW behavior.

  • Raiiban

    You’re really reaching here. She’s displayed time and time again to lack the capability to do her job. Where’s your proof that she would take our feedback that we can’t give due to being banned to the developers?

    Think about that carefully. We can’t give feedback, because we’re banned. That is tampering with feedback, very simple concept.

  • Viredae

    Can you please post a link to an image or somesuch where the post is complaining about the game itself (not the community or any of the issues surrounding it) and has been altered, deleted or such? Because I can’t seem to find it in the article.

  • Viredae

    I think you’re confused here, it’s called “innocent till proven guilty”, not the other way around.

    I don’t have to provide jack to prove that she DIDN’T do something, it’s you who has to provide the necessary evidence to back your claims, buddy.

    That’s how proof works, we call the other way around a fucking lynch mob.

    EDIT: Also, I will repeat again, the people who were banned were not banned due to criticizing the game, it was due to surrounding community issues, you cannot claim that she is tampering with fan input because of things not relating to the game, this is an entirely different accusation altogether.

    What she is is a damn hypocritical SJW, the game doesn’t even enter into it, and therefor you should not (optimally) base your purchasing habits around that.

    What I’m suggesting here isn’t to excuse her actions, but simply to get your accusations in order so that we don’t end up punishing a developer and a game that really should be divorced from this drama.

  • Viredae

    And that’s your prerogative to do so, but once again, I repeat, this would only create companies with good PR departments, and not necessarily good games.

  • Raiiban

    Afraid not, this isn’t the court system. Banning = silencing. She’s silencing #GG supporters from having their say in the game which they payed for. she’s tampering with the reward that was promised in the kickstarter campaign itself. This is an employee from comcept running her agenda and taking away something that backers have paid for because of her own personal views.

    There is no defending her or the company as a whole. This should not be allowed to happen, and the only way to get the message across properly is to cut support. Simple.

  • Viredae

    The court system runs that way for a reason, dipshit, it’s because it’s the most fair way we have to judge people.

    You saying this isn’t the court system only means that you know your excuses are flimsy as hell, and that you’re only acting out of childish and juvenile spite, not because you feel that the game will suffer for it.

    “There is no defending her or the company as a whole. This should not be allowed to happen, and the only way to get the message across properly is to cut support. Simple.”

    And once again, read my statement on how this childish attitude will negatively affect the gaming industry, where the companies don’t give two shits about their games and release any two-bit shovelware, so long as they can placate your delicate feefees with their exceptionally refined PR departments.

    I am at least sensible enough to know that if I demand professionalism from my suppliers (journalists or developers) than I have to be as professional as they are, I don’t care if Comcept is a bunch of neo-nazis who are intent on clubbing baby seals, if their games are good, I buy them, if not, I drop them like a hot fucking potato.

    And to risk running my voice ragged on this one point, I’m not defending her actions, I’m simply telling you that you’re making the wrong accusations, so get your damn head out of your ass and focus on what’s really important here.





    Let me repeat a line from before:

    “Game good? Or bad? That’s all I care about”

    Notice that last third there? It’s the third you seem to have trouble getting about my vewpoint, you want to be vindictive about this? Go right ahead, just scroll back and re-read that paragraph about how it’ll affect the industry.

  • 33

    Here’s the information on the missing text:

    As for the original Japanese text of those images, I need to find the correct part so give me a moment.

  • Raiiban

    I think your mask is slipping. Maybe you should take a moment and step away from the keyboard to compose yourself before commenting next time. Dina is an employee of comcept that was hired to represent comcept. If you don’t like the company’s rep and don’t want to support her, then logically you shouldn’t support the company as a whole.

    Have you any other last ditch arguments to make?

  • Viredae

    Yeah, pretty much what I thought, they basically trimmed “unnecessary” dialogue, but tried to keep story intact.

    I can definitely see why people would cry foul at that, but I think they did that because it’s easier to fit the Japanese language in text than english, so it uses less space on screen and in memory (I’ve done translations, so I know what a pain it can be to replace text in games).

    will wait for the images.

  • MurderfaceMk3

    You’re p.much screwed if you went through amazon, they won’t accept any chargeback.

  • Viredae

    I notice you’ve slowly been abandoning replying to some of my points altogether, last ditch arguments my ass.

    Also it seems you didn’t read the last part.

    Like I said, you want to walk away in a huff because the community manager is shitty, you have every right to do so, just don’t come crying back when you realize that all game companies are doing is pandering to your sensibilities all while releasing shitty games, what you’re doing is not encouraging the creation of good games, it’s encouraging the creation of good PR departments.

  • Brad Sherard

    I have no sympathy for a company that fails because they refuse to remove toxic employees. If Dina’s portrayal is accurate, they are responsible for her manipulations and censorship.

  • Viredae

    A) I am not saying don’t solve the problem, all I’m saying is that buying the game should depend solely on whether the game is good or not.

    B) This doesn’t really demonstrate good business sense, just good marketing sense, good business sense also includes making a good game.

    Like him or hate him (and I personally hate his cowardly guts) I enjoyed Fez, which is why I don’t regret buying it.

    What we need to do isn’t just attack bad community behavior, but show that despite that behavior, a good game will sell, and a bad game will tank, doing anything else is placing the cart before the horse.

  • EqualityEd

    These people need to be taught accountability. The least GG could do is demand a full boycott of that product and company until they learn some basic customer service skills. Having god awful employees abuse the hell out of customers does not make for a better world. It’s the responsibility of adults to put a check on that kind of behavior not enable it.

  • Raiiban

    I’ve been ignoring your main “point” because it’s silly and has nothing to do with this. I was hoping you would realize that yourself but you seem very stuck on it, under the impression that it’s a good statement to make.

    If you’re so insistent to my response for it then here: I’m fine with better PR. Would you rather keep the status quo and have more Dina’s managing communities? No. Nobody does. A PR reps job is to make the company look good. if MN9 had a good CM that didn’t ban people, that wasn’t controversial, and did her job, then we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place, would we?

    What proof do you have that Better PR results in a worse game? If anything, in a situation like this, it would result in a better game with the feedback being taken seriously from all sources, rather than narrowing down the scope because of a CM’s personal preferences and friendships.

    The only way to get the point across that they’re failing their fanbase is ONCE AGAIN to pull support.

    Maybe they’ll get the message that the game being good is as important as their customers being happy.

  • Her bad behavior has devalued the product that was paid for. If she’s banned users based on their ideology then she’s done the wrong thing and taken away some of the value that was sold to the consumer. This should not be tolerated and a refund of that proportion should be issued. Good game or not, if you take away a piece of what I paid for, you’re giving me something back if not all of it.

  • EqualityEd

    You need to start caring about whether or not people treat you and your community with respect. They are walking over you for a reason.

  • EqualityEd

    I’m thinking a class action lawsuit would be nice.

  • EqualityEd

    Someone needs to find a lawyer and get a class action lawsuit going. There can be a lot of money in taking down these bullies.

  • Pesty

    While there could potentially be other explanations, yours is very plausible. Her connections have to go pretty high up the chain for her to still be gainfully employed after all of this.

  • Raiiban

    I believe her boyfriend (at the time?) was someone who worked at 8-4, the company which ran the kickstarter and are handling the web presence and localization of the game. So there’s some definite influence from that end.

  • Reptile

    I don’t think demanding a boycott is fair. Remember, we do not want to be like those who oppose us.
    If they do something bad, we can (and I think people do it really good at websites like Techraptor, gamerheadlines and so) is point the flaws, the interest conflicts and the unethical and dishonest actions made by those people. We should only show what is wrong, let people decide for themselves if they want to support it or not, remember that we are free, even to be an idiot.

  • Reptile

    Just complementing, They will be “boycotted” naturally, most of us aren’t dumb and will not support this, we just don’t need someone telling us what to do.

  • That is the post I was looking for forever but kept glossing over it. I have that image actually and am going to put it into the article. Thanks for reminding me and giving me the name so I could find it easier.

    Edit: It should be in there now. Thanks again.

  • Reptile

    It would be funny (or not) to read: “Mighty No. 9 is unfunded after X months that kickstarter ended”

  • magus12000bc

    Regardless, those screenshots are pretty damning. There are better ways to shorten dialog then to hamfist Tumblr speak into the narrative. “Bigender” is somewhat debatable depending on the context. But they could have just as easily picked a gender for the character. It’s not like it hasn’t been done before and it alleviates confusion which is the point of a localization to begin with.

    A video of the scene in question.

  • Meittimies

    Its a bit sad to see how a single person can cause such a PR catastrophe
    for a game by simply being the worst community manager in the history
    of the internet, doing exactly the opposite of what community manager is
    supposed to be doing (that is, to be the medium between the developers and the fans and to try expand, inform and help the fanbase and the community as best as one can).

    But thats the harsh reality of it. If
    Inafune wants the game to succeed, then he needs to start firing some
    people on his team who are adamant on sabotaging the entire project with
    their selfish deeds. When a waiter in a restaurant is acting badly, its the job of the restaurant owner to know what is going on and reprimand or fire the waiter, and to bring the customers their money worth in service. Paying customers are not sabotaging anything when they rightfully want their money back.

  • tyren02

    Honestly like the article itself says, it’s entirely possible that the people who matter in the company are clueless simply because Dina herself controls or has access to all of the lines of communication.

  • Reptile

    This is what is called “little power syndrome” (Simdrome do poder pequeno on Brazillian Portuguese, I have no Idea how to translate it properly to english, sorry).

    It is a syndrome that, when a person receives some kind of power, they think they are greater than other people and misuse their power without thinking about the consequences of their actions.

    Look at her, she suddenly is a community manager, she thinks she is a queen some sort and everybody is below her.

    Or you can simply say: “She is being scumbag.”

  • Chris Leudard

    “SHE HAS NO POWER ON THE GAME” they said.
    “NOTHING IS GONNA HAPPEN” they said.

  • Dehydration

    Glad I could help. I miss that guy.

  • Guest

    Dina DuckTales

  • Jake_Was_Here

    Dina’s bilingual.

  • In English this is typically called “The Napoleon Complex”; a little man lusting after power (though to be accurate, Napoleon was of average height for his era, the rumours of shortness were spread by his enemies)). In the Army we called it “New Corporal Syndrome” – where, upon receiving his second chevron, a soldier started bossing everyone else around.

  • You’re mistaking this for an “Us Versus Them”; it is anything but.

    What #GamerGate demands is that the people enforcing the rules obey the rules – period. We demand an end to double standards – not a double standard that is in our favour. Our problem is not Dina’s, or anyone else’s politics, it’s that she/they use their politics as an excuse to behave unethically.

    Nobody is calling for a boycott of Might No. 9 because Dina is an SJW; they’re calling for a boycott because they allow their community manager to abuse people according to her political whims.

    If it was a Republican doing it – I’d say fire them. Or a Catholic, or a Liberal, or an Atheist, et cetera. It’s the abuses that must be fought. And the Dev Team for Might No. 9 is ultimately responsible for the behaviour of their community manager. They need to take responsibility for this – or suffer the boycott of their game.

  • Dudebro Zero

    But that would only work if none of the backers tried emailing anyone within the company directly. That would be the first thing I would do so I don’t believe it.

  • Dudebro Zero

    Search this very comment section. Someone gave a pretty good run down, saying there are hundreds of examples of posts being unjustly deleted and users threatened with bans or actually banned.

  • Dudebro Zero

    No, it isn’t. Dina is an employee of the company and her crimes happen on the job, not in private. The company enables her to do everything she does. If you think boycotting a company for bad customer support is “SJW behaviour” then you don’t have much experience with SJWs. If that’s what they did I wouldn’t even have a problem with them.

  • vikeyev

    They need to learn to use hyphens. I kept reading it as big-ender in the screen shot, rather than Bi-Gender.

  • Pepper

    We saw what happened with DmC. Everyone insults the gamers. DmC fails miserably, journalists blame gamers, TamTam disappears from the internet working on mobile games and shaves his head. He’s no longer considered the savior of gaming.

  • sswam

    The moderator is always right.

  • UcklyDuglin

    I knew something was off about that scene! When I started seeing words like XIM or XEM or w/e during that scene I had no idea what they were talking about, until I realized they were mentioning this character as Bi-gendered.

  • Mr. LHD6

    Pardon my French, but my god, fuck this Dina individual! She sounds like a real piece of shit incapable of logic. I mean, Keiji Inafune really needs to get his shit together and actually oversee all ends of his company/studio, because right now, all I see is a arrogant man who only knows how to ride the Mega Man hype train. Keiji believes that the Japanese developers are failing to compete with the Western developers, but I doubt he is even half as diligent, dedicated, and hard-working as the people he constantly demeans and criticizes. I feel that this game will be a clusterfuck of colossal proportions.

  • Pablo Hernández

    In spite of having lost respect for Inafune when he said that japanese games are inferior now in comparison to western games I had decided to give this game a chance.

    Another thing I didn’t like about Inafune was that he started a kickstarter, kickstarter should be for people who have no other means to get money to achieve their goals. Inafune is an industry veteran and any company would hire him no questions asked if he went with the idea of making a megaman clone. Not only that he said on an interview he’d be interested in capcom publishing his game.
    So in conclusion, Inafune starts a new company because he’s not happy with capcom but after getting a lot of money through kickstarter he doesn’t deny the possibility of having capcom publish him if they are interested.

    Then comes the Dina incident, showing just how pathetic this company really is. Hiring someone who doesn’t even like megaman in spite of having promised “industry veterans” because her bf works there. Promoting her to designer even though she can’t draw shit (from her character concept when she said MC should be female).
    Then when azure striker comes out it ends up having some ridiculous pronouns that are not even on the dictionary because that’s more egalitarian, I’m wondering if this was Dina’s idea as well.

    I work hard for my money so now I carefully think what games I buy, not only considering game quality but the company behind it.
    Although I was interested in a megaman clone and azure striker this company has proved they can’t be trusted. Inafune can’t be trusted, I won’t be buying anything from these people.

  • Kamille

    then feminist ask why so many people hate feminists when all they want is equality, right?

  • benjamin hardy

    this is really screwed up,

    how does she still have a job?

    how does inafune and comcept expect to market the game to the audience?

  • Ruby-Spears Proto Man

    What could possibly go wrooooooong~?

  • Ruby-Spears Proto Man

    Speaking as an anti-SJW and an anti-modern day feminist, her views aren’t relevant. It’s that she can’t keep her views out of her job, which is pivotal when one of the things we’re told is that she’s neutral.

  • Ruby-Spears Proto Man

    Is the tweet where she was mocking someone by calling them a baby who soiled their diaper relevant at all? Cuz I have it.

  • What surprises me is that nobody at Comcept has gotten wind of this yet, that or nobody over there cares; which would be much worse.

  • I wouldn’t be too surprised if people start calling for a boycott the closer we get to release if Dina doesn’t clean up her act.

  • Tommasaurus

    Could be that the management of the company is incompetent or just plain non-existent. if there is no real core leadership then stuff like this can happen where nobody really wants to chastise anyone else and problems spin out of control.
    Plus the guy who started this and is presumably running it seems to be more of a creator than a manager type

  • sfzero3

    Ok just gotta say this BUT,
    Dina is NOT A CHICK. Shes a FUCKING DUDE. Look at her Twitter pick & tell me that’s not a fucking guy attempting horribly to be a girl. Transexual all the way!!

  • Telimektar

    WTF is happening to my hobby ? I’m tired of that social justice BS popping up everywhere but at least video games seemed to be relatively safe from it only a few years ago, not anymore…

  • 33

    Sorry for the delay, magus12000bc beat me to it, but here’s the screenshots. I’m also sorry for the quality (I went to niconico, since I didn’t think it would be on YouTube).

    Also they changed his name from Patera (give or take) to Zonda. It’s said in the character info and promotional material that his sex is unknown which is because he has powers of illusions and changes between a man and woman, flamboyant in speech, unsubtly about sex with a massive diamond erect penis – not because he’s a new gender or whatever. If the word isn’t there, don’t use it. People understand the singular “they”, not “xem”: it’s not a real word.

  • Andy

    I would take legal action. Even if this is a kickstarted project. It’s still a product, every right you got trough kickstarter or the site it self, is part of the product.

    Removing your ability to post in the form is perceived as removing features of the product and for that, thou can take legal actions.

    People mostly think they have no rights on these kind of thins, but as soon as your payment included any form of entitlement, even if it was a donation, it becomes a product/ service.Even services aren’t free from legal actions.

  • Andy

    Oh i can smell the irony comcept apologizing before release and shortly after selling a number, getting back into the shit again.

  • ArmoredBoar

    They changed a lot of names in general, like Daytona was made Viper.
    But I can kinda see why they’d do that. But meanwhile, Elisa is an actual snake lady. So uhh…

  • Dudebro Zero

    But if someone sends an email directly to Inafune, just as an example, then you’re not seriously suggesting that Dina is in charge of screening those mails, are you? Only a madman would give what is essentially an intern of sorts the power of his personal mails as the CEO of a company. It would be INSANITY to give ANYONE access to such mails, actually.

  • BlackBetty1970

    This is true. It’s called breach of contract. Report them to your State Attorney Generals. If this company starts getting calls from state prosecutors, they’ll back down.

  • nex

    Grif: You have gone blind with imaginary power, Simmons!
    Simmons: Oh ho ho, on the contrary. I think I’ve gone blind with very real power.

  • Ian Norton

    I thought it was a different unit of measure that caused his height confusion.

  • Justin Black

    Actual Becker here, thought I would weigh in on the subject to offer some objective clarity.

    First, I would like to say that I typically head to a reddit sub for any game that I want to discuss as in 100% of cases the official forums are FAR more toxic than the associated subreddit.

    While I may have expressed a bias towards reddit moderators in comparison to community managers, I will say this bias was formed through observation and not from being in the middle of spats like the ones in the article above.

    Dina is not a model moderator, she is an average moderator who makes regular missteps on what her position as moderator means she can freely post on the forum for Mighty No. 9. As community manager her job is to start and steer discussion on the topic of the game that the forum is about. The position of moderator essential entails doing the opposite: staying out of the conversation and unemotionally removing posts that breed negativity and move the conversation off topic. Dina’s problem is balancing the two conflicting roles, and that problem is really Comcept’s fault for putting her in that position, whether or not she is qualified. Comcept really doesn’t have much of a choice however, as it is funding a game and community off of a small kickstarter campaign budget, the scale of their business necessitates that everyone where multiple hats. As a community manager Dina would have been fine, and the controversies that arose around her ‘behavior’ were really more spurred by a series of trolls who then went on to ‘leak’ very context manipulated versions of what goes on in the forums.

    What Comcept should have done is appoint unpaid community members to moderate the forums, with perhaps a developer starting off as moderator for the first week or two so that he could become familiar enough with the faces present to select one head moderator (basically the formula that ever successful forum ever has used). However, for all their forum management failures, the official forums remain a fine place for ‘backers’ to stay in touch with the community, there will always be a handful of ragers/ranters that will go to great lengths to justify their outrage and seek a refund for a game that they are 99% sure to go and buy post release anyways. Such is the internet.

    In the end, I think it is unfair to say that Comcept has not properly managed its community, especially in comparison to other Kickstarter games. The largest and most important part of their community management plan has been to release literally dozens of update emails to backers that include in-depth development progress, community input (including multiple character designs that will be in the final game), news on funding progress and stretch goals and links to all useful information about the game. In the history of kickstarter there may not be a company that has gone to greater lengths to ensure that its backers feel safe in the knowledge that they will get their money’s worth; the access to someone with a background like Inafune-san’s is almost unprecedented.

    As someone who has seen all the fireworks first hand, I think the only real lesson here is for Dina, and it isn’t as big a deal as many on the internet would like to make it out to be. The internet is full of trolls, and if you are representing a company that these trolls have invested their money in, you need to come across as at least a little bit professional, and certainly don’t use your personal twitter to engage with the same community you are already managing. I appreciated her humor in her introduction email, but at the same time if I had wanted to send an introduction email that would bait every troll in the community to attack me, it would have been exactly the email that she wrote.

  • anon9370

    Wow, the so-called “translation” has almost nothing in common with the original dialogue. WTF. Curse 8-4.

  • $5401042

    “Inafune is an industry veteran and any company would hire him no questions asked if he went with the idea of making a megaman clone”
    People assume this when they really shouldn’t.

  • You would seriously not buy this game just to get back at Dina in some misguided attempt at petty revenge?

    The people who will suffer the most from you not buying the game are the developers working 40-80 hour work weeks, not her. Not to mention you deprive yourself of a potentially great game.

    The logic of some people man… makes me facepalm until my nose bleeds.

  • Why? What good are you doing for yourself OR the 99% of Inti Creates or Comcept who have nothing to do with this by boycotting the game?

    That is so stupid.

  • Kalle Last

    You need to crush some eggs to make a cake.

    I for one hope that the devs themselves see how PR people are actively screwing them and take the issue to their own hands.

  • It’s such a stupid thing to boycott something over though. I mean, boycotting anything over quixotic ideology is stupid in general, but this seems sillier than normal.

    I guess igonrance is bliss. I literally have never visited the forums and am still super excited to play the game I backed in the first place. I didn’t back Mighty No. 9 to be a part of a community. I backed it to play a super awesome, nostalgic game down the road… Wasn’t that the point of the kickstarter in the first place?

    Seems to me that people have screwed up priorities.

  • Tabitha Dickerson

    Thank fuck that crap was removed.

  • thecityismychurch

    I like how they go so far out of their way to properly gender the bad guy, ’cause portraying transexuals as psychotic sexual deviants is ok as long as you use their pronouns.

  • Isaac Argesmith

    Maybe she has this power because he can’t read English and needs someone as a translator? I mean I don;t think he knows english at least well at all and I think she knows a decent amount of Japanese. I’m probably wrong but it could be a possibility.

  • Isaac Argesmith

    Aren’t they Japanese and there for don’t understand English though?

  • They don’t fully understand the english speaking market, but I think it would be a stretch to state that none of their staff is versed in the english language. Regardless, that’s why it’s important to hire the right people for such an important job as communicating with other markets.

  • Dawn Blast

    What’s that 7 months later and we’re Still here and she’s gone.

  • Isaac Argesmith

    I just got the impression that none of them knew English half way good since they never spoke it in the kickstarter video, unless I’m remembering wrong that is. I mean I would think that’s why they hired her, to be the person on the team who is bilingual and can be the mediator. That in turn would give her large amounts of power over the comments and messages and in turn would lead to the mess we’re in today.

  • ImperialFists

    and thus a potential masterpiece got flushed down the drain