Microsoft Flight Simulator Tornado, Airbus A380, Bologna Airport, & More Get New Screenshots & Video

Published: June 3, 2023 5:58 AM /


Microsoft Flight Simulator Tornado

Third-party developers showcased new assets of upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator add-ons, while a couple of airports have been released. 

We start with IndiaFoxtEcho, which provided an update and screenshots about its aircraft in development including the Panavia Tornado and F-14 Tomcat in collaboration with Heatblur. While the Tornado is the only one that got new screenshots, it appears that the Tomcat will likely be released first.  

Speaking of the Tornado, we have decided to redo most of the cockpit model as we were not happy of the quality. This will cause a significant delay in the project, but we think it was the right decision: we will not rush this project (or any any product) just for a quick cash-in.

Our current estimate is that 3D modeling and retexturing of the cockpit will take about a month, so we *hope* we may have a test version sometime in July.

Speaking of test version, we are very close to the completion of the first Tomcat proper test build - it is a question of days before it is released to our testers and focus groups.

We do not have a release date just yet, but it is more than likely that the Tomcat will be released BEFORE the Tornado.


Next, we hear from FlyByWire, which posted on its Discord server a screenshot and a video (which you can download here) of the upcoming freeware Airbus A380. The screenshot shows the Onboard Airport Navigation System developed in collaboration with Synaptic Simulations, while the video focuses on providing a preview of the aircraft's complex soundscape.

This A380 sound preview showcases the different behavior of power-up sounds depending on which AC buses are powered, with details such as relays and AEVC. Also, this video shows the electric hydraulic pump sounds and how they react to flight control movement, and flap + slat sounds on the exterior.


Here is a preview of the OANS (Onboard Airport Navigation System) functionality developed for the A380X! OANS displays an interactive, multi-function moving airport map as an extension of the Navigation Display views. Offered as a standard feature on the A380 and A350, it is also available as an option on the A320 and A330 family of aircraft. OANS improves situational awareness and makes for easier navigation of complex airfields, also allowing for selection of BTV (brake-to-vacate) parameters on the A380 and A350. We have collaborated with Navigraph to bring this never-before-seen functionality to consumer flight sims. This feature will be powered by their Charts Ultimate subscription, featuring airport map data used in real-world implementation of onboard airport maps. This is equivalent to the new zoomed-in airport view in Charts 8. This was developed in collaboration with Synaptic Simulations, who recently showcased the equivalent AMM functionality for their A22X.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Airbus A380 OANS

MK Studios revealed new screenshots of Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport (LIPE) in Italy. We also hear that the airport is almost complete and it should be released within the next few weeks.


Another airport that is close to release, albeit it missed its Late May target is Senai International Airport (WMKJ) in Malaysia by Shadescene. Here are some new screenshots.


More images were showcased by Magsoft of Simón Bolívar International Airport (SVMI) in Maiquetía, serving the capital of Venezuela, Caracas. 


Moving on to releases, Blackbird Simulations launched Beale Air Force Base (KBAB) in California, United States. It's available on the developer's own store for $17.99 with the following features.

  • Accurate buildings and hangars
  • Accurate base specific static planes (U-2, T-38, RQ-4, KC-135)
  • Accurate USAF ground equipment
  • Support vehicles specific to U-2 operations
  • Detailed and accurate tarmac texturing with weathering effects true to the actual base
  • Dynamic night lighting
  • Animated ground crew and ground equipment (beacon, birdstrike radar, flags)
  • Detailed depiction of PAVE PAWS radar installation east of the base

Next, FeelThere released St. Louis Lambert International Airport (KSTL), also in the US. It's available on the developer's own store and SimMarket priced at $18.39.

It's worth mentioning that the official feature list below mentions custom animated jetways, but many of the screenshots obviously feature default jetways. I guess these may be older screenshots, but I can't vouch for it. 

  • Over 60 highly detailed buildings with PBR texturing.
  • Complete modeled ground polygon including realistic decals, dirt, taxi lines, and surfaces.
  • Custom animated jetways.
  • Updated AFCAD, parking spots, taxiway names, and taxi signs.
  • Improved taxiway and runway lighting.
  • Multiple objects and clutter placed over the airport using the SDK.
  • Improved night lighting and apron lamps.
  • Terrain follows real-world elevation.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is currently available for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox Cloud Gaming, including Game Pass. If you'd like to learn more, you should stay tuned on TechRaptor as we have daily Microsoft Flight Simulator news to keep you updated on the many add-ons coming and released for the sim. We have also recently interviewed Microsoft's Jorg Neumann about the Antonov An-225 "Mriya" and iniBuilds' CEO Ubaid Mussa on the work of the popular third-party developer. If you're interested in reviews, you can check out iniBuilds' New York-JFK AirportOrbx's Oslo Gardermoen Airport, and RHDSimulations' Boeing 767-300ER.


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