Microsoft Flight Simulator Boeing 787-9 Gets a Release Date & it's Free With a Caveat

Here's your daily dose of Microsoft Flight Simulator news: the free (with a caveat) Boeing 787-9 got a release date. Victoria Falls & Graciosa Airports have been released. 😎

Published: October 24, 2023 6:37 AM /


Microsoft Flight Simulator 787-9 Scoot

Today third-party developers released news about a relevant new aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, while two airports have been released. 

We start with the Boeing 787-9 that you can see above. Horizon Simulations announced a release date for the aircraft, bringing the most popular variant of the long-haul airliner to MSFS. 

It'll launch on and on the Headwind Simulations installer on October 27, 2023. The sweetest part of the deal is that it'll be free, albeit it'll have a caveat. You need to own the Premium Deluxe edition of the sim.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Boeing 787-9 in Ana Colors

The aircraft will come with the following perks:

EFB Enhancements:

  • Added EFB performance calculations for the -9 and both engine types (Credit: Kuro).
  • Doors page added to the EFB (Credit: Toby).

Model Enhancements:

  • Exterior model now features grime, dirt, markings, and more (Credit: Max).
  • SATCOM added to the model (Credit: Kuro/Max).
  • New default wing textures (Credit: Max).
  • RR and GE engines are now split into two separate aircraft in MSFS menu (Credit: Toby C).
  • Engine cowlings now have a more realistic grey/matte appearance (Credit: Toby C).
  • Engine fan blades have been reworked for better animations (Credit: Toby C).
  • Wingflex and engine vibrations have been tweaked (Credit: Andro).
  • Engine spinners have been recoloured (Credit: Toby C).
  • New Hublot/Parallax window textures (Credit: Jviation).
  • Gear compression is now simulated (Credit: Rob B/Adam).

Lighting Enhancements:

  • Exterior lighting has been completely reworked (Credit: Nico).
  • Cabin lighting now features "mood lighting" in the external view, depending on livery type (Credit: Toby C/Adam).

Cockpit Enhancements:

  • Brand new cockpit textures (Optional download) (Credit: Mike).
  • Added correct engine displays based on engine type (Credit: Kuro).
  • Added Vbar option (Credit: Kuro).

Sound Enhancements:

  • Added a new GEnx sound package (Credit: Heavy Division/Toby C).

Flight Model Enhancements:

  • Flight model has been reworked to match -9 tables (Credit: Mark Sz/Rob B/Adam).
  • Fuel flow reworked to match the -9 figures (Credit: Rob B/Mark Sz/Adam).
  • Taxi model reworked to match -9 figures (Credit: Adam).
  • Tweaked idle thrust (Credit: Mark Sz).
  • Overhaul of flap configuration (Credit: Rob B/Adam).
  • Tweaked drag/lift values (Credit: Rob B/Adam).
  • Model matching (Wing area, aircraft length, fuselage width) (Credit: Mark Sz/Rob B).

Miscellaneous Enhancements:

  • Added GSX profiles (Credit: Simon).
  • Included a -9 Paintkit (Credit: Max/Kuro/Qbit).
  • Over 30 stunning liveries to choose from (Credit Max/Zaph/Hakon/Jason/Jordan/Raimbotrax/Silky/Javiation).
  • Added -9 tooltips (Credit: David N).
  • Corrected -9 description (Credit: David N).

If you want to follow the state of the project, you can check out the developer's Discord server.

Moving on to releases, FSDG launched Victoria Falls Airport (FVFA), Zimbabwe. It's available at the developer's own shop for €13,99, but the developer usually releases its airports on other storefronts as well after a few days.

Here's what you get:

  • Accurate and realistic rendition of Victoria Falls Airport, Zimbabwe (FVFA)
  • Authentic light environment
  • MSFS technologies (dynamic lighting, reflective textures, animated jetways)
  • Optimized for great performance and visual results
  • Compatible with all known add-ons including GSX and the Victoria Falls Scenery Package (Marketplace)
  • Manual included 

Lastly, Colombia Virtual Design released Graciosa Airport (LPGR) in Portugal. It's available on Simmarket for $9.92.

And this isn all for today. As usual, you can count on our daily Microsoft Flight Simulator news to keep you up to date on all the adds-on coming for the sim.

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