Microsoft Flight Simulator B-2 Spirit Released; Dash 7 Gets New Video; Velana Airport Announced

Published: August 26, 2023 9:04 AM /


Microsoft Flight Simulator B-2 Spirit

Third-party developers shared a relevant release for Microsoft Flight Simulator, on top of a couple of interesting add-ons related to upcoming releases. 

We start with the B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber developed by KiwiFlight and released by iniBuilds on its own store.

It's priced at $17.60 and comes with the following features:

  • Functioning FMS with the following modes:
    • - COM. Tune VHF 1 and 2, ADF and Transponder
    • - NAV. Tune VOR 1 &2, TACAN 1 & 2 and switch autopilot NAV following mode between GPS/NAV/TAC.
    • - PRFM (Performance). Automatically calculated V speeds based on current weight and weather.
    • - FPLN. When a flight plan is loaded from the world map it automatically loads in the FMS with direct to function available.
  •  6 independent Multi Function Display (MFD) screens and Engine Function Display (EFD) featuring:
    • - GPS, Engine control System (ECS), FUEL, Flight Control (FCH) and Engine (ENG) system pages.
    • - MFD Head Up Display (HUD) repeater with functional flight path and energy bracket.
    • - Rose nav mode with TACAN, VOR and ILS approach modes.
    • - STATS page with crew alert system.
    • - VSD top-down map view.
    • - Working air to air radar.
    • - Synthetic terrain vision mode (TFR).
  •  Autopilot modes include:
    • Heading hold, Nav/GPS hold, Altitude hold & Approach mode.
  •  Fully tool tipped cockpit and complete checklist functionality.
  •  Animated crew access ladder
  •  Engine secondary intake vents modelled and animated
  •  Air to Ground Strike capability supported (iniBuilds store only)
  •  Stealth mode (navigation/strobe lights retract and rudder deflection reduced)
  •  Animated air to air refueling point

While the base package includes only some rather... unstealthy fictional liveries, a free additional package comes with 15 real-world USAF liveries.

Next, we get a new video from PILOT'S GesmbH about the venerable de Havilland Canada Dash 7.

The video focuses on the sounds and comes with a development update:

We are very happy with the progress being made on the PILOT'S Dash 7 soundset. Unfortunately the developer originally tasked with this decided to abort the project before final delivery and left us in the lurch.

Fortunately we were able to establish a close contact with the operator of the largest remaining Dash 7 fleet, Air Tindi from Yellowknife, Canada. (Remark: our thoughts are with them as they had to leave their base and houses due to the current fires in the area.) They were kind enough to provide us with original sounds for the aircraft and we will continue to add even more once the initial release has been accomplished.

The video shows prop RPM run up to full, then we add full throttle turbine power, then back to idle, and I think you will agree that the prop beta range sounds exceptionally great as the propellers are put into reverse thrust.The interior sounds are also almost complete now, we will continue to keep you informed on progress and thank you for you continued patience. We are as eager to see the PILOT'S Dash 7 released as you all are!

Last, but not least, VueloSimple announced a new airport with the first screenshots. While the developer did not identify the airport, the screenshots are plenty to ascertain that it's Velana International Airport (VRMM), the main hub in the Maldives. 

 Microsoft Flight Simulator Velana International Airport (VRMM)

Microsoft Flight Simulator Velana International Airport (VRMM)

Microsoft Flight Simulator Velana International Airport (VRMM)

Microsoft Flight Simulator is currently available for PC (via Steam and Windows Store), Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox Cloud Gaming, on top of Game Pass. If you'd like to learn more about the upcoming add-ons, you should stay tuned on TechRaptor as we host daily Microsoft Flight Simulator news on the topic.

You can also read our interviews with Microsoft's Jorg Neumann about the Antonov An-225 "Mriya" and iniBuilds' CEO Ubaid Mussa on the activity of the popular third-party developer.

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