Microsoft Flight Simulator Airbus A330 Gets Development Update; Milford Sound Gets Release Date

Published: September 6, 2023 4:11 AM /


Microsoft Flight Simulator Airbus A330 in SAS Livery flying away

Third-party developers had plenty of news and releases to share today about Microsoft Flight Simulator add-ons including aircraft and airports. 

First of all, Aerosoft provided a development update about its Airbus A330

ECAM (Electronic Centralized Aircraft Monitoring)
The ECAM system has undergone rigorous improvements to enhance both its logic and display. Issues like the high-pressure and engine valve logic on the "Bleed" page have been addressed. Additionally, a critical update was made to the APU indication on the AC electrical page to ensure accurate readings when the APU is turned off.

Flight Management Systems: MCDU and FMS
The Multifunction Control Display Unit (MCDU) and the Flight Management System (FMS) have seen several updates, primarily focused on system stability. For example, an issue that caused the MCDU to freeze when entering a duplicate waypoint in the flight plan has been resolved. Moreover, issues with LOC B/C and RADNAV selections during arrivals have been addressed to improve navigation accuracy.

Autobrake and Ground Power Unit (GPU)
The autobrake selection logic has been enhanced for more realistic landing scenarios. The Ground Power Unit (GPU) functionality has also been updated, particularly concerning its selection on the overhead panel (OVHD).

Cockpit and Animations

Control Panels and Switches
Several improvements have been made to the cockpit's control panels and switches. For instance, the engine start selector button has been correctly mapped to external hardware. The main engine switches now also have synchronized animations to reflect the actual engine status accurately in all spawning states.

Display Issues
Various display errors on the ECAM pages and the Navigation Display (ND) have been corrected. This includes drawing errors in the PSI and fuel indications, as well as the incorrect display of airports and runways on the ND.

Audio and Environmental Effects

Rain Sounds and Weather Interactions
The audio subsystem has been overhauled to make environmental sounds more realistic. The rain sound, for example, now changes individually, enhancing the immersion during flights. Issues related to rain noise being audible from the cockpit's exterior have been addressed.

Ground Operations
Improvements regarding ground operations include fixing the animation of the tiller for more realistic ground handling. The front wheel sliding issue has also been resolved, offering a more authentic taxiing experience.

Stability and Performance

WebAssembly and System Crashes
A focus has been placed on improving system stability, particularly concerning WebAssembly and MCDU-related crashes. Measures have been taken to ensure these components run smoothly, thereby contributing to a more reliable flight simulation experience.

Future Outlook
Ongoing development efforts aim to introduce further refinements. These include primarily more autopilot functionalities. The development team continues to prioritize feedback from our team of real pilots to make the Aerosoft A330 as authentic and enjoyable as possible. 

Speaking of aircraft, we also get a short but interesting video about SimWorks Studios' upcoming Pilatus PC-12, focusing on the sounds. You can watch it directly on the developer's Facebook page.

Moving on to scenery, NZA Simulations showcased new images of its NZMF – Milford Sound Region in New Zealand. It'll be accompanied by an additional free Milford Sound Region Expansion adding more detail to the Fiordland area.

We also learn the release date. It's coming on September 13. 


We also get two scenery releases, starting with MXI Design's Mytilene International Airport "Odysseas Elytis" (LGMT) serving the island of Lesbos in Greece. 

It's currently available on Simmarket for $13.16 promising the following features.

  • Accurately modeled terminal and airport buildings
  • Up to dated ground polygons and markings
  • Basic terminal interior model for depth
  • Custom parking positions matching with real life
  • Custom surrounding models
  • PBR implemented for all models
  • Custom CGL Aerial Imagery
  • Custom taxiway signs
  • 3D passengers
  • Animated flags

Lastly, H. Hasan Aroeboesman Airport (WATE), also known as Ende Airport, in Indonesia has been released by Gudisim. 

You can purchase it on Simmarket for $6,59, offering the following.

  • FPS Friendly
  • Detailed building ground etc
  • Update AFCAD
  • PBR Texture
  • Near Accurate Building

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available for PC (on both Steam and the Windows Store), Xbox Series X|S and Xbox Cloud Gaming, on top of Game Pass. To stay up-to-date with the latest add-ons and developments, be sure to visit TechRaptor regularly to peruse our daily MSFS news.

Moreover, you can check out our interviews featuring Jorg Neumann from Microsoft about the Antonov An-225 "Mriya," and Ubaid Mussa, CEO of third-party developer iniBuilds.

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