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The Long Dark Episode 4 Release Date Arrives Next Month

September 22, 2021

By: Robert N. Adams


Get ready for a chilling new adventure: The Long Dark Episode 4 release date has been locked in for October 2021 on PC and consoles.

The Long Dark is a survival game that pits players against the Canadian wilderness. It's been out for over half a decade and has since expanded the basic gameplay with a story campaign -- check out the trailer for Episode 4!


Mackenzie has been captured by a gang of convicts. Prison can be pretty awful, but I imagine that prison in Canada is even worse. Our hero is tasked with escaping the clutches of the convicts, recovering the Hardcase, and helping out some innocent people in trouble while also continuing his search for Astrid.

We had learned more details about The Long Dark Episode 4 earlier this month. The next thrilling chapter in Hinterland Studio's adventure had been delayed by more than a year, but the wait is almost over: you'll be able to play it next month.


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When is The Long Dark Episode 4 Release Date?

The Long Dark Episode 4 release date is October 6, 2021. As with previous updates, this release will be free to all current owners of the game on PC and consoles.


The continuation of this chilling adventure has been in the works for quite some time and you'll soon have the chance to play it, but you'll need to own a copy of this great game to get it. You can buy The Long Dark for PC and consoles starting at the price of $29.99 or your regional equivalent. You're gonna want to grab this game now if you're interested -- the price is jumping to $34.99 after Episode 4 releases.

Correction: This article erroneously stated that The Long Dark is set in the Alaskan wilderness when it is in fact set in the Canadian wilderness. We regret the error.

Are you looking forward to The Long Dark Episode 4 release date? What's been your favorite moment in the story thus far? Let us know in the comments below!

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