LE MGS Ground Zeroes PS4 Revealed!

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LE MGS Ground Zeroes PS4 Revealed!

February 17, 2014

By: Matthew Verniere


March 20th will launch both Ground Zeroes for the PS4 and a special LE Ground Zereos PS4 console for Japan only.

You can check out the bundle on Sony's Japan store. It features the foxhound logo on the piano black portion of the console.


Another snippet of news confirmed for Metal Gear: GZ today was that the XboxOne version of the game will run at 720p, while the PS4 title will once again run at full 1080p.

That just about does it for MGS news today. Please let us know what you think of the console, or the fact that another XboxOne game will run at a lower resolution than the PS4 version. Stayed locked it to TechRaptor for all your gaming and tech news.

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