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Published: April 28, 2016 3:03 PM /


Black Rose Valkyrie

The launch of Compile Heart’s new game Black Rose Valkyrie in Japan is just a few months away. The game is launching on PS4 on June 30th and as the time until release grows shorter more and more details about the original title are being divulged. A new trailer is available to watch and more in depth details about the game’s setting have been revealed on the official website and is translated over at Gematsu.

The new trailer is a more polished representation of the game. The short video gives a brief introduction into the game’s premise and characters as well as displaying some key gameplay features. The end of the trailer explains the special limited edition version of Black Rose Valkyrie which comes with an artbook and the soundtrack in addition to the game disc in a special box.

Black Rose Valkyrie is now available for preorder and various retailers include purchasing incentives in the form of posters, PS4 themes etc. featuring art inspired by the game. As of now there is no news on whether the RPG will be localized and is only set to launch in Japan this summer. You can take a look at the online retailers selling the game here.

Compile Heart has already explained the premise and general setting of their upcoming RPG which is explained here. Now even more detail into the game’s setting has been given including the Secret Military Agency ACID and Shinyamoto Empire. While the setting was previously described as an alternate history of Japan after the fictional Chimera Virus hit earth it has now shifted to the fictional empire of Shinyamoto.

Black Rose Valkyrie
Run through the streets of the capitol.

When the Chimera Virus became a threat the Shinyamoto Empire implemented a policy of isolation to protect itself. As a result, the empire’s society and culture evolved into something all it’s own. The empire’s capital is split into three districts surrounding the central Bureaucracy District.

The capital is comprised of the First Citizens District, Second Citizen’s District and Old District along with the Bureaucracy District where the major government agencies reside. Important locations are scattered around the various districts of the capitol and players will find themselves visiting all of them. Locations like the Fujimo Air Base, Hinuma Power Plant and Ise Heavy Industries Production Plant are important places included in Black Rose Valkyrie.

Perhaps most important is the Secret Military Agency ACID of which the protagonist Asashi Shiramine belongs to. ACID was founded to deal with the Chimera threat and the Special Military Force Valkyrie was born from the agency. The agency oversees all anti-chimera measures from intercepting Chimera creatures to civilian virus countermeasures and studying the ecology of Chimera.

Black Rose Valkyrie

Within ACID’s headquarters, there are a number of facilities for the various military divisions.Personal dormitories and recreational space is included along with a control room and spaces for research and development. Players will likely be spending a lot of time within the ACID facilities.

New information about ACID also includes an explanation as to why the cast of the game is overwhelmingly female. In the wake of the Chimera virus pandemic the world’s population of men has declined making many of Valkyrie’s candidates female. Also the rate of infection increases with age thus explaining why you are more likely to find young women within ACID headquarters than old men.

Black Rose Valkyrie
Compile Heart / Idea Factory

Black Rose Valkyrie is launching on June 30th in Japan for PS4. You can get more details on the game’s official website here.


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