The Last Starship Is the Next Game by Prison Architect Creator Introversion Software

Published: May 31, 2022 2:33 PM /


The Last Starship Prison Architect Developer Introversion Software cover

Prison Architect developer Introversion Software has revealed its next project: The Last Starship, a base-building strategy game where you build a starship and embark on an adventure across the galaxy.

Introversion Software has quite a few games under its belt, but it's probably best known for the prison management game Prison Architect, a game that made the unusual move of allowing gamers to play a throwback edition based on its original release. Prison Architect has been a success by every measurable metric, and Introversion Software's next project seems just as interesting as its predecessor.


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The Last Starship Promises Base Building and Epic Battles

As the newest project from Introversion Software, The Last Starship certainly has a lot of potential to turn into something great. That said, it looks like this game is still very early in development based on its Steam Store Page description.

"The Last Starship is currently in a closed Playtest on Steam. Expect the experience to be glitchy and incomplete, with placeholder art and sound. Regular updates will be released containing content drops, bug fixes[,] and updates based on your feedback. We need your help to make our vision a reality and Introversion pledges never to charge you for any future update."

Players will be able to take an empty starship hull and fill it up with "propulsion, life-support, weapons[,] and [an] FTL drive." Once your ship is built, you'll be able to send it out into the galaxy to engage in procedurally-generated missions including asteroid mining, rescuing stranded civilians from damaged ships, and battling pirates. Based on what we can see in screenshots, it looks like you'll be able to build multiple ships and create a fleet, too.

When is The Last Starship Release Date?

The Last Starship release date will be sometime in late 2022; SteamDB has a listed API release date of October 31, 2022, but there's a good chance that this is simply a placeholder.

As with its previous game Prison Architect, Introversion Software will likely release this game in Steam Early Access as an alpha or beta version. That said, the gameplay potential in this upcoming project looks like it might just be worth checking out right away. For now, you can add The Last Starship to your wishlist on Steam.



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