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The showcase opened with an interrupted inspirational speech before diving into the whopping sixty games in sixty minutes. Take a deep breath, cause we're diving in deep and it's gonna be a while. Strap in, folks! Welcome to the KFG Showcase E3 2019 conference recap!

The first game shown off was Bloodroots, a relentless action game by Paper Cult. The world is your weapon, so improvise where you can and bloody your way across the Weird West in this ultraviolent experience to find out why Mr. Wolf was betrayed and left for dead. Bloodroots is available on Steam.

Hamsterdam is an arcade-style brawler with hamsters. Become the master of Hamster-fu and defeat the evil Chinchilla Marlo to save Hamsterdam. Demo available on Steam.

Speed Brawl is a 2D combat-racer. Maintain your momentum to build combos and assemble your brawl-squad. Speed Brawl is now available on Steam.

Wave Break is a fresh take on skate games, coming in the first quarter of 2020. This high-octane, action-filled arcade-classic style game is complete with a chill synthwave soundtrack.

Super Space Club has space dogfights with low-fi jazz beats in an arcade-style shooter. Control a group of pilots to defeat as many enemies as possible and complete missions. Super Space Club launches on PC and Mac later this year.

In An/round, from Overdrive Games, you're an android who must complete a simulation in his mind. Described as a "physics-defying platformer," you might fight against the entity trying to stop your simulation.

Trackher presents players with a challenging shooter that aims to divide player focus. If you think you have what it takes to work with two screens and an unforgiving permadeath leaderboard, this may be the game for you. You can pick it up for PC and Mac now.

Healers call the shots in Looking For Heals. Command and protect your fighters while keeping them alive. It's your job to hire recruits, collect items, and keep your company intact. Looking For Heals is available on Steam early access.

An interesting hand-drawn sequence began for a game called One Night Stand. The beautiful visual novel showcases the many ways people can come together and is coming to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It is currently available on Steam.

one night stand

The Inner Friend is a puzzle-solving adventure through your subconscious. Face scattered memories and navigate unresolved traumas as you make your way through the nightmarish landscape of your mind. The Inner Friend is available on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Aground lets players build a new life and a new spaceship. This fun Steam early-access RPG will enjoy a console port this summer.

Tactical action platformer Refactor flips Metroidvania on its head...literally. Re-arrange the entire world to make your way through the puzzling game.

Pig Eat Ball is one of the more straightforward titles in this showcase. This wacky top-down action-adventure requires you to eat good, get fat, and vomit on things to clear levels. It is available on Steam right now.

Standby is a high-precision platformer with 54 unique levels. Escape a glitched world in this faced-paced, difficult to master game. Coming to Nintendo Switch August 9, 2019, it is currently available on Steam.

Raise a falcon to fight colonizers on PlayStation 4 with PSVR support. Falcon Age is here and it is coming to PC via the Epic Games Store with all new updates. Learn to hunt, gather, and fight to protect your cultural legacy with your falcon by your side.

falcon age

The Walking Dead: Onslaught is coming to PSVR. Experience the horror in terrifying virtual reality. That said, the event couldn't show any footage because apparently there was an AMC claim on some of it, meaning all that showed up was text saying they were going to show it.

Battlewake takes you to the high seas! The vehicular combat game is exclusively for VR. Set sail this summer.

Third-person battle royale style Rawmen is coming soon. Described as a "light-hearted, third person, soup-slinging food fighter," players can slurp up Rawmen sometime this year.

In Afterparty, play as Milo and Lola, two recently-deceased buddies who are damned to hell unless they can outdrink Satan. Get ready for the biggest bender of your life!

Trigger Witch is a 2D open-world adventure. Magic is mundane, but firearms are unknown. Surprise your enemies with weaponry they haven't seen before! The twin-stick action-adventure will launch for Switch in 2020.

Solace State is a choice-driven drama game. Acts of resistance change your fate as you live through Chloe, a hacker in a surveillance society. Experience the visual novel for yourself on Steam when it releases at a yet to be announced time.

Freedom Finger is a "batsh!t crazy" space shooter. You can use any enemy as your weapon in 36 music-driven levels. Control a space hand and pick up objects to win the day. Freedom Finger will be releasing on Steam this year.

Ribbiting Saga action-adventure with bosses that change based on your choices. The puzzle-solving action game stars a frog donning knight armor. A demo is available now, and you can support the game on Kickstarter if you like what you play.

Wooden Nickel is set in a frontier town of the old west. The narrative adventure has yet to announce a release date, and not much is known about the title at the time of writing.

Etherborn toys with your perception. Out July 18 on PC and Console, it's like running through a world of MC Esher's Stairs. Forget everything you think you know about gravity and perception of the world around you.

SkateBird features a adorable birds on skateboards who are just trying their best to be pro. The full release is coming in 2020, but the alpha demo is available today. Go enjoy all of the cute avians who admire Tony Hawk!

Now, we enter a surreal world with beautiful visuals and challenging puzzles. In The Gardens Between, players can control the flow of time to affect how they navigate the world around them. Available now for Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS and Mac.

Renaine is a fast-paced action-platform inspired by fighting games. It focuses on overcoming failure and is coming to Steam and Switch.

Sneaky Ninja mixes Mario platforming with tactical stealth. Outsmart the samurai and restore power to the spirits this summer on Steam.

UnderMine is an action-adventure roguelike with a bit of RPG for good measure. Explore a procedurally generated world to discover powerful relics and deadly enemies. UnderMine is planned for release in Summer 2019.

Monster Prom 2: Holiday Season brings a quirky multiplayer dating sim to life. With beautiful art and sassy humor.

Summer Catchers is the next big game from Noodlecake. The game combines elements of outrunning enemies in your car and solving puzzles. Summer Catchers will, fittingly, release this summer.

The Sinking City is a detective thriller set in the 1920's Lovecraftian United States. Solve the murders and mysteries around you and try not to lose your mind on June 27, 2019.

the sinking city

Diving into multiplayer, we're introduced to the comical world of Fling to the Finish. The cooperative team racer has players attached by a stretchy band of rope. Share a controller and maneuver your way to the finish line!

Gunsport takes cyberpunk volleyball with guns to the masses. Each of the five stages has its own gimmicks. The pixelated style of this quirky platformer is sure to keep you and your friends entertained. There's no word on a release date or platforms, so keep your eyes open for more news!

Bombfest is sumo wrestling plus bombs. What more is there to say? Well, that's it's available now on Steam if it catches your interest.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill comes this year. Pick up your bikes and explore mountains, valleys, forests, and peaks.

Do you miss action-arcade games with a magical girl twist? StarCrossed is a new cute-em-up in the vein of the classic Cotton series and has you covered. StarCrossed was funded on KickStarter and releases later this year!

Top-down shooter Police Stories makes shooting first not an option. Squad up with AI or with a friend and use tactical advantages to get through the many stages of this gripping crime-thriller. Available for preorder on Nintendo Switch now, and it will release September 19, 2019.

Brave Earth: Prologue comes from the creator of I Wanna Be The Guy. The 2D platformer will surely give players plenty of challenges across its unique levels.

Metroid-vania dungeon-crawler Astalon: Tears of the Earth got shown off next. Each of its three characters has unique abilities and strengths. No release date has been given. Remember: whatever you do, reach the top of the tower.

Treachery in Beatdown City is an over-the-top fighter. Enjoy dark comedy action and fight in your own style. The game is set to release later this year.

Save your family from an insect infestation in the adorable Tamarin. There's plenty of bug-squashing in this 3D adventure platformer. It is releasing sometime this Summer on Steam.

Manage your own caravan in a procedurally-generated world. Stoneshard is a turn-based RPG about saving a grim kingdom while patching up physical wounds and trying to stay sane. It's planned for release either this year or next.

Beautiful landscapes and Japanese orchestral music give way to sweeping views of vast armies battling for supremacy in Stronghold Warlords. We finally have the next entry in Firely Studios' famous Stronghold series. It takes place in 3rd century BC China and is scheduled for release in 2020.

Solve crimes and exorcise demons in Lucifer Within Us. It is the latest from Kitfox Games, known for its colorful sense of humor in gaming. No release date is yet known.

Pilot and upgradable ship and listen to your favorite tunes in Funtime. This colorful shoot-em-up has you navigating mazes and trying to survive. Keep an eye on those colors you attack with as they're key to your survival!

Half Past Fate is a rom-com adventure with a 3D art style. Set for release this year, the narrative adventure is about three relationships and their formation over the span of eight days or eight years and is releasing later this year.

Ambient jazz music introduces a puzzle game that will mess with your mind and your idea of perspective. Superliminal is coming soon from Pillow Castle Games.

Fight to protect your son and stave off zombie infection in Undying. Keep yourself alive and keep fighting, for you're Cody's only hope. The game will explore the struggles of a mother and son in the middle of a horrifying apocalypse. Undying will release in 2020.

From Zen Studios comes a tactical kingdom-building experience. Battle with your forces long-distance, commanding troops with tactics or shooting airborne enemies in the face. Castlestorm II comes in 2019.

Whatboy games bring us a new entry in the Slay the Spires-like genre with the recently released, Trials of Fire. Join early access, available now on Steam, and get the Alchemist class for free.

Mare is an exploratory VR experience. Guide a lost girl and a mechanical bird through the mythical game world with an awesome visual style.


Deliver Us The Moon is all about being a spaceman. You're on a critical mission to save humanity from extinction. Now available on Steam.

Metroidvania-style landscape game Recompile is a hacking adventure with branching narratives. The game is set for release in 2020.

Big Blue Bubble showed off a new trailer for Foregone. The combat-focused platformer has a pleasant visual style and takes inspiration from difficult action games such as Dark Souls. According to the Steam page, players can expect Forgone to release this winter.

Relic Hunters Legend is coming in quarter one of 2020. The co-op shooter/looter RPG brings together up to four friends to save the galaxy from a villain who has stolen the past and is a sequel to the free to play Relic Hunters Zero.

Warborn is a turn-based strategy where players control mechs in tactical battles with single player and online multiplayer.

Explore stunning landscapes and morph into different creatures to see the world around you. The tranquil world of Mooneye's Lost Ember is waiting. It will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

From a one-man team DePalo comes space game Adam's Ascending. You're a space adventurer who lost his dad at a young age. As an adult, you've crashed on a planet where you can hear your dad's voice. Find your dad and don't let evil consume you in this third-person shooter.

Whew. There you have it! That's a wrap on this year's Kinda Funny Games Showcase, giving the spotlight to the indie scene. Hopefully, you've found a few games to pick up!

What were your favorite indie games shown off here? Let us know in the comments!

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