As Kinda Funny continues to move into a speed round of game announcements in the latest trailer we see an older woman and young boy stuck in a world of Zombies. In the narration, it’s revealed that the character needs to protect Cody, the young boy. This title is called Undying. As the trailer progresses we see that the mother may be hiding more than is expected as we slowly see her transforming into a zombie herself.

Director Kun Wang had the following to say on the announcement of their new title

We are really excited about our next title Undying, it’s a very different game from what we’ve made before and it’s really pushing our small team to new heights creatively, We wanted to create a survival game with an emotional core. And the dynamic and relationship between Anling and her son Cody was the perfect anchor for that. We look forward to people getting their hands on the game in Steam Early Access next year.

Undying will be an early access title releasing in Early 2020. This title is being developed by Vanimals.

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