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Humble Bundle is transitioning its Humble Monthly program into "Humble Choice," a tiered subscription model, with each tier sporting different perks sometime later this year. Current Humble Monthly subscribers will be grandfathered into a special "Humble Classic" tier, which keeps the price the same, while still offering ten games and a 20% discount in the Humble Store. However, if at any point you let your Humble Monthly subscription lapse, you lose your access to the Humble Classic tier. Gift subscriptions are also not grandfathered in, unless you gifted the subscription to yourself. Humble Choice will launch sometime later this year, along with the other tiers.

The move away from a single-tiered subscription model also means the arrival of three other tiers. You can see how the pricing and different tiers shape up below:

humble choice tiers

As you can see, the Premium tier is closest to the current offering via Humble Monthly, meaning that you will have to pay an extra 7.99 a month in order to get the same benefits as before, assuming you aren't already subscribed. Below that is the Basic membership, more expensive than the original Humble Monthly, with a smaller discount and fewer games to pick from.

Currently you're able to simply grab all ten games at your leisure throughout the month, but with the new tiers, that option is going away. If the games in Humble Monthly don't interest you at all, you'll have the option to subscribe at the Lite tier, which confers access to the Humble Trove and original games, and a discount to the store. The biggest change coming to all memberships is now you'll be able to see ahead of time what games you'll be getting as part of the subscription, instead of hoping that the entire month's offering will be as good as the early reveal.

In a press release, Humble said that the reason behind the changes coming are due to upcoming investments in games for Humble. Slated to begin in 2020, Humble plans to "massively increase what [they] spend to get great games." Additionally, Humble wants to give subscribers more choice over the games they receive in the monthly drop, as well as diversify the selection available. In essence, this makes Humble Monthly more of a curated list, rather than a collection of games you'll get every month, quality or no. This means you have more knowledge of what you are buying, and the investment could mean a better selection of games consistently. 

Understandable, community reception to the planned changes are negative. Users on Reddit and YouTube note that the lower tiers are less of a deal for your money, particularly the Basic subscription. Considering November's early unlocks of Call of Duty: WWIISpyro Reignited Trilogy, and Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, which likely stands as one of the best early unlocks ever, the news about changes coming to Humble Choice is bittersweet. We'll have to see just how well Humble's supposed investments shape out in the months ahead.

Quick Take

It seems as though Epic's arms race, started by aggressively acquiring rights to games and thus keeping them away from Steam, is accelerating the plans of indie publishers like Humble. Understandably so, as the glut of launchers and storefronts these days means there are too many choices to pick from. While exclusives remain a sore subject for many in the community, publishers need something to drive customer traffic. We'll see just how Humble plans on developing Humble Choice and the Humble Store in the months ahead.

What do you think of Humble Choice's new tiers? Do you plan on keeping your subscription? Let us know in the comments below!

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