Humble Happy Hour 7/19 - Fae Tactics Being Published by Humble

Published: July 19, 2019 3:44 PM /


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Turn-based tactical RPG Fae Tactics got a prominent spot on the Humble Happy Hour, with the official announcement that the game will be published by Humble.

Fae Tactics is a deep tactical game developed by Endlessfluff Games, where players will play as Peony, a young magic-user who journeys across a vibrant world where she befriends unique characters while simultaneously getting involved in the growing tensions between mankind and magical creatures known as Fae.


Most of the game focuses on a classic turn-based tactical system that is akin to Final Fantasy Tactics, where Peony and her allies need to manage their tactics and statistics against tons of unique enemies. Players will be able to collect Fae creatures for Fae summons, find unique magical spells, unlock secrets as they explore the games colorful world, and of course, relish in classic tactical gameplay over a long storyline. There are over thirty Fae to collect and summon in-game, allowing Peony and the player to really diversify her teams against enemy groups.

Most of the game will include combat-style puzzles, where players will need to use spells in conjunction with abilities to conquer the battlefield. All spells are actually in the form of selectable cards, so Peony and other characters can mix and match their spells as they see fit. Other features include a combo chain system to use against your enemies, along with a menuless HUD, allowing the turn-based gameplay to shine without obtrusive blocks of stats in your way. There is also a camp component to the game, where players will play a memory matching mini-game with food items to gain extra bonuses for their characters.

Fae Tactics doesn't have an official release date yet, though it is currently set for release later this year. Humble is now officially publishing the game, but it will be available across most PC services, including Steam.

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