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Published: December 8, 2018 4:08 PM /


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Indie developer Endlessfluff saw a small showcase reel for their upcoming strategy RPG Fae Tactics released today.

Presented by Humble Bundle, Fae Tactics is a quasi-post apocalyptic world where the realms of man and fae have merged, with devastating results. Years ago, the seal of Elemental Gates separating the two worlds was broken, leaving nothing but ruin that destroyed the populations of both sides. Those who survived forged new lives along the bones of the old worlds, but old tensions begin to rise, threatening to finish what was started when the gates first opened.

Players will be in the shoes of a human magician named Peony, who will explore the growing conflicts between the two sides before it's too late.

The game itself takes its influences from the Disgaea and Final Fantasy Tactics series, where players will be able to recruit a plethora of NPC characters and even fae to their cause. The NPC allies are fully customizable, while the fae act as summoned characters who provide bonus abilities and skills to your human allies.

Some other major features were also shown off briefly in the trailer. Fae Tactics will include a combo chain system to use against your enemies, along with devastating magical spells that players can collect throughout their adventure to turn the tide of a battle. The game also includes a menuless HUD, allowing the turn-based gameplay to shine without obtrusive blocks of stats in your way. There is also a camp component to the game, where players will play a memory matching mini-game with food items to gain extra bonuses for their characters.

Fae Tactics currently has no set release date, but Humble Bundle is planning to launch the game on both its platform and on Steam sometime in early 2019.

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