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Endlessfluff Games
Humble Games
PC, Nintendo Switch
Release Date
July 31, 2020 (Calendar)
Tactical RPG
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Play as Peony, a young magic user who must summon creatures from the world of the fae to stop the world from ending. In Fae Tactics, manage a small army of magical allies, level up and customize their abilities, and battle all kinds of Fae creatures in a colorful world from an isometric perspective. 

Fae Tactics is a throwback to turn-based tactical play pioneered by the likes of Final Fantasy Tactics and other titles, with plenty of magical spells, side missions, skills, and other abilities to consider as you march against the growing crisis involving the fae.

Fae Tactics, published by the Humble Store, is available on PC, with a version planned for a release on the Nintendo Switch. 

Developer Quote

Unique menuless turn based tactical gameplay.

Manage the magical elements of your party to counter the enemies elements.

Befriend a colorful cast of allies! Level Up and customize their abilities.

Battle all kinds of Fae creatures and collect them into your team.

Find powerful and unique Spells to help tip the scales in your favor.

Traverse a variety of colorfully detailed environments in this isometric wonderland.

Unravel secrets as you explore the various conflicts in the world in any order you want!