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Guile Sonic Boom Gief

Freedom is coming to Street Fighter V. Guile, the game's first full charge character looks to offer the zoning options that have been missing from the roster. The latest bit comes from the official Street Fighter Twitter account:

We have a firm release date for America's greatest hope, ladies and gentleman: April 28th at 7 PM PST. I can already hear NuckleDu wringing his hands in anticipation. A few things to remember about the shades-wearing hero: he'll be free to try until the Zenny Shop opens, Season Pass holders get his battle costume and Air Force Base stage for free, along with character trials/story content. Otherwise, it'll cost would be World Warriors 100,000 FM (Fight Money) for Guile and 70,000 FM for the stage in question. 

What makes Guile different from the other fighters on the roster, though? The biggest difference has to be his shimmy (moving in and out of a character's throw range) options and how he slows matches down. This should shake things up regarding the meta of the game but also provide a much-needed halt to the outright blitzkrieg approach of characters like Ken. Speaking of tournament play, there is an idea floating around that characters aren't allowed in Capcom Pro Tour events unless they've been released for a week prior. So, for the upcoming Dreamhack Austin event on May 6th, Guile should be eligible for use at said event and every other tournament moving forward. EventHubs confirmed the rule with Matt Dahlgren, Capcom's Direct of Brand Marketing & eSports, that any DLC character "must be out for one week before being used in a CPT event."


This is still the same Guile from Street Fighter IV and the titles before that. He has a familiar toolset of normal attacks and special moves like Sonic Boom and Somersault Kick that allows for excellent horizontal control. Every one of his specials and Critical Art are charge motions. His overhead, upside down kick and double hit sweep remain intact. It appears that his Spinning Back Knuckle (Forward + Heavy Punch) will work as a Crush Counter, and it's possible to set up crazy combos such as the one below.

His crouching fierce/heavy punch is a very reliable "anti-air" option, and that fits his playstyle well. Keep his foe back, Sonic Boom to oblivion and set the pace for the match. He's also the only character that can link his crouching light kick into a standing medium. 

Sonic Boom, Guile's bread and butter, is as great as ever with quick recovery time, but Flash Kick has been diminished . The invincibility frames from prior games aren't present unless the EX version of it is employed. It's similar to Karin in that regard but his kit is still quite strong in comparison to most fighters. It's still a great option for characters wanting to jump in on Guile.

The first of two major changes to Guile comes in the form of Faultless Move otherwise known as a crouch-walk. Players will be able to crouch-walk forward and Flash Kick out of it but no tossing out Sonic Booms. A glance at the setup can be found below.

Guile's V-Skill and V-Trigger are where the other major changes to the character come into play. His V-Skill, known as Sonic Blade, plants a stationary Sonic Boom directly in front and toss out another to score V-meter on hit or block. It's an interesting change that takes time to setup properly. A character that can live or die based on how quickly he can control the horizontal space needs those precious seconds to keep characters at bay. 


His V-Trigger, known as Solid Puncher, works a lot like Zangief's V-Trigger-based spins. Each Sonic Boom depletes a portion of the gauge, but he can pump out a lot of projectiles before his meter is completely spent. This allows for great setups into his Critical Art, Sonic Hurricane.


Overall, Guile has a pretty diverse offensive set of moves that allow for keeping foes at bay. He is the same old American hero we know and love with a few new changes that should be welcome to old veterans and new players alike. Those fighting against him will do well to knock him down and apply pressure consistently.

Peter "Combofiend" Rosas had some time with the Mike Ross over at Capcom Pro Tour Talk on Tuesday evening giving a rundown of the character as well. The official CapcomFighters channel also has a Guile showcase up (earlier GIFs were taken direct from it) from the most recent WinnerStaysOn Sessions for your viewing pleasure too.

Guile's addition helps cement the feel that all the original fixtures of the franchise are nearly all in place and should provide a unique option to those who haven't gotten back into Street Fighter quite yet to dive in. Get your fight sticks ready, folks, because America's finest is back on Thursday. FIRE UP THE THEME MUSIC!

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