Grow Your Own Monsters in Monster Harvest

Published: August 28, 2020 3:52 PM /


The logo for Monster Harvest

Newly-announced at the Future Games Show, Monster Harvest is a game that looks a lot like classics such as Harvest Moon and Pokemon. Developed by Maple Powered Games, Monster Harvest will have players growing Pokemon-like creatures called planimals and battling them against other planimals.

Monster Harvest, much like games such as Stardew Valley, is a game which mixes farming crops with fighting monsters. Although the protagonist (who bears a striking similarity to Ash Ketchum) has a sword they can use on the monsters, the game's big focus is on growing creatures called planimals to battle with wild creatures. The trailer also showed off some other features that should be recognizable to farming sim veterans, such as crafting systems, building up your home, and riding around on a creature. In this case the steed is a large blue bird that might remind some folks of a Final Fantasy chocobo.

In a press release, publisher Merge Games gives a bit more detail on the action-RPG farming sim. Monster Harvest will feature three different seasons (Wet, Dry, and Dark) which can affect what how players play and what they can grow, with hints that the Dark season can cause strange mutations in their crops. Playeres will generally be growing crops, but they can use slimes they collect to mutate their crops, with some slimes allowing the player to grow planimals. By collecting a wide variety of planimals, players can fight enemies and explore the bright and colorful world of Planimal Point.

Monster Harvest has no release date so far, but will be available on Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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