Gearbox Unveils New Borderlands 3 Endgame Content

Published: August 30, 2019 6:57 PM /


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Borderlands 3 is only a few weeks away, and now we know some new details on some of the Borderlands 3 endgame content. It's a series already known for farming loot and play sessions lasting deep into the night, and this information seems to solidify that for this entry.

During PAX West today, Gearbox Software revealed some new information on Borderlands 3 endgame content. This includes the return of an infamous difficulty mode, an evolution of badass ranks, and Mayhem Mode.

To begin with, Borderlands 3 features the brutally difficult True Vault Hunter Mode. Upon completing Borderlands 2's story on Normal, players would unlock the True Vault Hunter difficulty. This made enemies more difficult, but players also reaped extra rewards such as better loot and more experience. This will once again make its return in Borderlands 3 to maximize the loot and all-around badassery.

Guardian Rank is considered an evolution of previous games' mechanic called Badass Ranks. Badass Ranks would be gained after players simply play the game, accomplishing certain tasks and meeting specific criteria. Eventually, players would be able to spend badass rank points, which offered permanent stat boosts such as reduced recoil, increased gun damage, fire rate, and more. This is an essential part of progression in the Borderlands games. Guardian Ranks also improve character stats; in addition, this system allows players to unlock new skins and skills. It's infinite, so the sky is the limit.

Guardian Ranks can be spent among three trees: Enforcer, Survivor, and Hunter, each specializing in different areas. Enforcer increases damage in areas such as melee, guns, and vehicles. Survivor is for survivability, as the name indicates. Lastly, the Hunter tree allows for players to increase things such as accuracy and reload speed. Upon getting a Guardian Token, players have a choice between six randomized permanent stat boosts, two from each tree.

Lastly, Borderlands 3 introduces Mayhem Mode, which offers even more randomization to Borderlands 3's gameplay. Mayhem comes in three different difficulty levels, with enemies becoming more difficult with increased health, shields, and more. The rewards are greater too, gaining extra cash, Eridium, experience, and loot. Enemies in Mayhem drop Anointed gear, which makes your character skills better. Difficulty begins at Mayhem 1 up to Mayhem 3, the idea being to work your way up with Anointed gear you gain. The mode also modifies the different planets in Borderlands 3. The "Savage" mod increases all enemy weapon damage, for instance.

If this all sounds interesting to you, Borderlands 3 releases very soon. On September 13th, 2019, Borderlands 3 launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via the Epic Games Store. Pre-ordering Borderlands 3 on the Epic Games Store grants players the Psycho Bundle in Fortnite for free, which gives a Psycho Bandit outfit, Claptrap pet, and Psycho Buzz Axes that you can use in the Fortnite X Mayhem event. Borderlands 3 will launch on Steam half a year after its launch on the Epic Games Store.

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Quick Take

I knew Borderlands 3 was going to suck a significant portion of my free time away, and this has solidified that notion even more. I'm not complaining - who doesn't love more loot? I'm interested to see how much Guardian Ranks has to offer in terms of skins and skills, since it is "unlimited." I don't expect unlimited skins and skills, but permanent stat boosts is something I can expect to go on for as long as I play.

What do you think of the Borderlands 3 endgame content?  Let us know in the comments below!

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