Limited-Edition Borderlands Ballantine's Whisky Revealed

Published: April 20, 2022 5:39 PM /


Borderlands Ballantine's Whisky Mad Moxxi cover

A limited-edition Borderlands Ballantine's Whisky has been revealed, with fictional bartender Mad Moxxi serving as the face of the promotion as "Chief Galactic Expansion Officer."

Not much has been going on in the world of Borderlands 3 since the introduction of the Director's Cut last year; it seems that Gearbox has largely been focused on the release of Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, a game that our review calls "a perfectly fine addition to the Borderlands series." Now, it seems that the Borderlands franchise is expanding to a new realm entirely: the world of whisky.


Buying Borderlands Ballantine's Whisky Will Get You In-Game Content

As VGC reports, the Borderlands Ballantine's Whisky is very much a real thing. Details are still pretty light, but it looks like you'll be able to get some kind of in-game content with the purchase of one of these limited-edition bottles, too.

The Borderlands x Ballantine's collaboration uses fictional bartender Mad Moxxi as the face of the promotion -- a sensible move considering that she owns a bar. A Twitter account and, of all things, a LinkedIn page has been created for Pandora's most notable smoke show, along with the promotional trailer seen above.

But what about the Borderlands Ballantine's Whisky itself? Unfortunately, it's not available for sale just yet. We don't know what you'll be getting for in-game rewards yet, either, but the bottle itself would probably serve as a pretty great collectible. And, you know, you'd also get a big bottle of delicious whisky to go with it.


We'll probably learn more details about the Moxxi's Bar Edition version of Ballantine's Whisky in the near future. For now, you can visit the virtual bartender herself by buying Borderlands 3 for PC and consoles starting at the price of $59.99 or your regional equivalent. You can also learn more about this promotion on the official Borderlands Moxxi's Bar Edition whisky website.

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