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Published: December 12, 2016 6:10 PM /


Games Republic Shutdown Message

We're in the closing days of 2016, but it seems victims of the killer year continue to pile up. Today's victim is not a person but rather a service. Digital PC game storefront Games Republic has announced that they will be shutting down.

Games Republic was started in 2014 by independent game studio 11 Bit Studios, the developer behind games such as Anomaly: Warzone Earth, This War of Mine, and the currently in development Frostpunk, and publisher behind games like Tower 57 and Spacecom. Games Republic provided a new place to purchase games, offering up an alternative to services like Steam and Origin.

Unfortunately, it seems that Games Republic was not able to draw in the crowd it wished. According to an e-mail we received today from 11 Bit Studios, the decision to shut down Games Republic happened on December 8th:

I'm reaching out to you today with important news regarding Games Republic.
On Thursday, December 8, it was decided by Games Republic management and 11 bit studios board to shut down with the end of the year. Today we'll be disabling the possibility to purchase games in our store. Users will be able log in to their accounts to download their games and activation codes till the end of January, and will be informed about this in a special message.
If you visit Games Republic's storefront then all you will see is a message informing you that Games Republic is shutting down. You can no longer purchase games from their store. The message states that you will have until January 31st, 2017 to download your games before the service is taken offline entirely.
Due to us working with Games Republic to provide discount codes and giveaways for Pack Members, the following is a statement from TechRaptor CEO Rutledge Daugette:
TechRaptor partnered with GamesRepublic starting in  September, and the codes that we sent out to existing and new members for December will no longer continue to work. For membership details, please visit this link and direct any questions to We'd like to thank GamesRepublic for working with us for these last few months, their team was easy to work with and knowledgeable. We'll miss working with them.
If you purchased any games from Game Republic and want to hang onto them, now would be the time to make some room and download them.

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