The Game Awards 2018 – New Trailer for Scavengers Revealed

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The Game Awards 2018 – New Trailer for Scavengers Revealed

December 6, 2018

By: Austin Suther

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PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
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December 30, 2020 (Calendar)

Earlier this year we found out about a new studio - Midwinter Entertainment - would be developing a new game called Scavengers. Tonight at The Game Awards, we got a little sneak peek and some extra details on this upcoming game.

Scavengers' development studio, Midwinter, is a team of about 20 people who are industry veterans. The Battlefield and Halo series are among the titles these folks have worked on.

Scavengers is a survival game that uses SpacialOS, a cloud-based platform for next-gen multiplayer games. And indeed, Scavengers is multiplayer. Rather than being a long-term survival came comprising long sessions, it is, according to developer Josh Holmes, "survival condensed into session-based multiplayer.'

The game is class-based and has you fight against both players and NPCs. Last March PC Gamer compared it to Halo 5's Warzone mode, which was a PVE/PVP hybrid. The website says:

Opposing teams in SCAVENGERS are more than just targets, as you’ll need to work together to achieve larger goals. But once those goals are achieved…all bets are off. Will you trust others? Will they trust you? Welcome to SCAVENGERS.

You'll also have starvation and adverse weather conditions to deal with, as is par for the course concerning survival games.

Some more tidbits we discovered through the trailer is that Scavengers has a sci-fi setting. Characters in the trailer launched out of a space station and crashed onto a snowy planet.


A welcome sign could be seen through the snowy haze, with the words "Cascade Springs" painted on it, which would seem to indicate a setting on Earth.

For now, players can head to the official Scavengers website and sign up for early playtests starting in 2019.




Quick Take

Color me intrigued. When I heard some of the developers behind Halo were leading the charge on this project, I was invested. Especially if it's anything like Warzone, which was my favorite part of Halo 5: Guardians. Even though we didn't see any gameplay, I am excited to see what Scavengers has to offer.

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