New Scavengers Update Wipes Accounts, Reworks Research

Published: May 26, 2021 2:35 PM /


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A new Scavengers update has arrived and it's bringing some big changes including a player account wipe, improvements to the Research system, improvements to the sliding mechanic, and more.

Scavengers puts gamers in a hostile, frozen environment that's packed with all sorts of dangers. You'll have to contend with NPC raiders, deadly mutants, and other players in PvP situations. The game has been out in Steam Early Access since the start of this month, and now a new update has reset everyone's accounts as part of its plans to improve the core gameplay experience.

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What's New in the May 26, 2021 Scavengers Update?

The biggest change in today's Scavengers update is an account wipe. All players have had their accounts reset to Level 1, but they'll be getting some neat Pioneer Rewards to compensate including cosmetic items based on your account level prior to the wipe.

Why was there an account wipe? Well, Midwinter Entertainment wanted to rework the Research system's progression, and resetting player accounts would have made that much easier. Here's what's changed on that front:

  • Removed Power from the Research System
  • Overhauled and adjusted the Research unlocks and recipes
  • Salvage contents and resources have been reworked to provide smoother progression

That's far from the only change, mind! This latest Scavengers update introduces improvements to social features. Parties can now stay together after being eliminated from a match. You can now find people you've recently played with, making it much easier to add them to your friends list. Finally, party members will now remain disconnected after exiting a match, even if they're eliminated.

Also arriving today are some improvements to the sliding mechanic. Players can now keep on sliding even after they've made an especially epic jump; simply hit the CTRL key while in the air and you'll continue your slide after landing. Jump animations have also been adjusted as part of this change.

These are just some of the big changes in today's patch; you can read about everything in the full May 26 Scavengers update patch notes. You can play Scavengers for free on PC via its official website.

What do you think of the changes in the latest Scavengers patch? What other areas of the game do you feel need improvement? Let us know in the comments below!


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