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Fly 80's French Sci-fi Ships in Stardust Odyssey This Winter

Published: September 27, 2019 4:45 PM



Are you a fan of French sci-fi? Maybe you know the works of Jean-Claude Mezières' Valérian and Laureline? The comics, not the (visually stunning but pretty boring) movie that followed. Well then, the newly announced Stardust Odyssey may be for you.

First seen in the VR sizzle reel that played during Sony's State of Play on September 24th, Stardust Odyssey is a VR game where you'll be flying spaceships through gnarly sci-fi settings. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Art Director Jordan Parrin talked about the game some. He said that the inspiration was the Silk Road, and that a large chunk of the game sees you traveling through desert and sea environments to deliver cargo. It's not going to be a totally safe journey, as there are naturally threats you need to deal with. One example brought up was a parasite that attacks cargo and players. Thankfully, not everything you meet on your trips will try to kill you. In addition to driving the ships, you'll also spend time in cozy tents talking to other characters.


Perhaps what's most striking about the game, however, is the art. The ships are purposefully over designed, trying to evoke the feeling of classic sci-fi rather than the minimalist sci-fi we see a lot of today. The control panel alone seems to have at least fifteen different things to turn, pull on, press, and more, and it makes me wonder what is going to end up controlling what.

The game is developed by Agharta Studio, who's based in France. This isn't their first game, as they also put out Epic Dragon VR, Steam Crew, and Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe.


Stardust Odyssey is set to come out in winter of 2019 exclusively on PlayStation VR.

How do you feel about Stardust Odyssey? Are you interested in the game? Think its worth strapping on the VR headset for? Let us know in the comments below!

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