Fate/Samurai Remnant Reveals More Characters With Screenshots & Artwork

Published: August 12, 2023 4:38 PM /


Fate/Samurai Remnant New Characters

Koei Tecmo revealed a new batch of characters that will appear in Fate/Samurai Remnant alongside new screenshots and artwork. 

We get to take a look at Tsuchimikado Yasuhiro and his servant, Caster. Yasuhiro is a descendant of Abe no Seimei and the head of a family of onmyoji practitioners.

He is the organizer of the Waxing Moon Ritual. His mysterious servant acts behind the scenes of the ritual and there is no information on his identity or purpose.

We then take a look at two more Rogue Servants, Rogue Caster's true name is Circe and she can fly thanks to her wings, attacking from above with her powerful magic.

Rogue Assassin's true name is Li Shuwen and he looks like an old man with a foreign outfit. He fights bare-handed by using an unknown martial art.

Lastly, we meet "Young Master." Fans of the franchise will definitely recognize him, but he has gone from King of Heroes to the owner of a crepe shop named "Babylonia" that recently opened in Asakusa.

His arrogant attitude is unchanged and he calls Iori and everyone else "Mongrels." Yet, at times you can spot him surrounded by children who love his store. 

You can check out all the screenshots and art below.


Fate/Samurai Remnant will launch on September 28, 2023, for PS5, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch in Japan, while Western fans will have to wait until September 29. Pre-orders are already available on all platforms.

If you'd like to take another look at the game, you can enjoy another trailer that recently introduced the story and some of the characters, another trailer and gallery of screenshots introducing the rest of the rogue servants, on top of the opening cutscene


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