Fan Recreates Breath of the Wild Hyrule in Minecraft

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Breath of the Wild Minecraft Map

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is arguably one of the best Zelda games ever made. It is also an influential title, with its vast open-world design directly influencing a number of titles in the few years since its release.

So it is no surprise that fans of Breath of the Wild look to show their love of the game in multiple ways. One example of this would be the work of Crockette22, a Minecraft player who painstakingly recreated the entire map of Hyrule from Breath of the Wild

And we mean the whole map! Every major landmark, from the dueling peaks to the Gerudo desert, are present and accounted for. The only detail really missing in the map, according to Crockette22, are buildings and towns, and some minor alterations to the map to actually fit into Minecraft. One example would be Death Mountain, which Crockette22 admits is a broken region, with the height line data not accurate at all. 

Outside of this though, the map is a pretty close 1 to 1 comparison of the entire map from Breath of the Wild, right down to the little details of the riverways and mountain elevations. 

Breath of the Wild Minecraft Overhead Map
I wonder how long it took to make this map.

Creating maps in Minecraft is an art in and of itself, with fans often re-creating maps or landmarks from pop culture all the time. Some of the most impressive maps would be large-scale facsimiles of the maps from Grand Theft Auto V or World of Warcraft regions. To say the least, the sheer size and artistry of what Crockette22 did is impressive. 

What makes it more impressive is the extra bits Crockette22 added. Crockette22 credits another user, lentebriesje, for providing terrain data and uploading it all publically. "I have only added on to the map to look more like the game and not just an empty canvas of bare grass and stone." said Crockette22. 

Players can download the Breath of the Wild map for both the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft, meaning you can even download it for the Nintendo Switch, which is quite fitting. They can also check out more pictures of the land as well. 

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