Fallout 4's Pip-Boy App Leaks Locations, Companions and More

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Fallout 4 is coming out in just a few short days, and there is no shortage of leaks regarding the game for those who need to know as much information as possible before release. Unlike the video and perk leaks from a few days ago, these newer leaks are at least partially to blame on Bethesda. The official Pip-Boy app has been released early on both iOS and Android, serving as a second screen experience to the main game. Because of this, the app has plenty of data from the game waiting in its files, and the Internet was quick to take the opportunity to mine that data out and make it available. Spoilers ahead for the main game, including a full list of locations, companions, stats tracked and more.

There's a lot to keep track of in a game as large as Fallout 4 looks to be, but there is surprisingly little new in this list of stats being kept track of in the Pip-Boy app. You have many returning classics, such as visits from the Mysterious Stranger, or the "Pants Exploded" stat for dropping grenades into an enemy's inventory from stealth. There is some new information, such a list of four side factions with quest lines tied to them, just like the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild in Skyrim. For the most part though, there isn't anything you wouldn't expect.


A bit more interesting is the list of location marker types, which reveals that we'll be exploring pond lakes, shipwrecks, skyscrapers, and brownstones on our travels through the wastes. Mixed in are some old Fallout 3 favorites, like drive-ins and office buildings, as well as several vaults to explore beyond the one the player emerges from at the beginning of the game. One major location new to the series is the workshops, where players will be spending plenty of time building and modifying their firearms. There are well over twenty named workshops listed in the main leak post, so you'll never be too far away from screwing on a new rifle scope.

Companions are also a big part of the Fallout experience, and the Pip-Boy app has provided a full list of names and companion perks for Fallout 4. When combined with some leaks from the official Prima guide, we see a wide variety of possible adventurers to join in on your journey. There are two Synths tied in with the Institute faction from the game's main plot, but you can also fall back on the token Super Mutant and Ghoul friends to accompany you. There are also two Mr. Handy models ready for you, including Codsworth the butler from the beginning of the game and a female medic robot. There are thirteen to choose from in all, which is more than the past two Fallout games, but a bit less than the options players had in Skyrim.


Some sneak peeks at the official guide for Fallout 4 is also out in the wild, revealing a list of unique weapons waiting to be looted. Interestingly, the Deathclaw gauntlet and Shishkebab are both Fallout 3 mainstays that are transitioning into unique weapons for this installment. Time will tell if players are able to craft other versions of these weapons after discovering them, which might make sense considering their origins as crafted weapons in the previous game. There is also a list of legendary weapon descriptors, which implies that there will be rare random loot sorted among the common firearms. Finally, there is a picture of eight variations of Deathclaws, which is probably nine too many for the taste of many players.

There is plenty more to look at if you want to search, including more perks you could receive through gameplay via magazines or achieving certain milestones. There is also the huge and complete list of named locations if you wish to see if your favorite Bostonian landmark made the cut for the main adventure. I personally wont be diving in too much deeper as I'm excited to hit the wasteland and start exploring on November 10th along with the rest of you.

Thanks to Redditor fireundubh for compiling to post containing the mobile app information!


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