Key art for the fantasy fairytale city builder Fabledom, which depicts an idyllic setting.

Fabledom Is A Fairytale City Builder Coming In Spring

Published: January 12, 2023 9:57 AM



If you've ever read a fairytale and thought "I'd really like to live in that world", then Greena Games and Dear Villagers have the project for you. Fabledom is an idyllic city builder set in a fairytale world, and it's adventuring its way towards Steam Early Access in spring.

There are plenty of city builders out there, catering to all kinds of tastes. You can build Viking settlements, construct an underwater paradise, and even erect cities on the back of a giant wandering creature. Now, brand new Swedish studio Greena Games is throwing its feathered hat into the ring with Fabledom, a city builder set in the land of fairytale myths.


Although the aesthetic and gameplay for Fabledom are pretty laid-back, that doesn't mean you won't have dangers to fight. Something wicked this way comes, as is the case with all great fairytales, so you'll have to put together a city that can withstand attacks from both monsters and neighboring colonies. You can check out the Fabledom reveal trailer right here to see what you're up against.

Of course, finding your very own Prince or Princess Charming is part of Fabledom's appeal, but it doesn't stop there. The game will feature "extensive negotiation mechanics", according to the developers, and these will allow you to ally with other kingdoms and build relationships with the lands around you. 


Greena Games' Max Nielsen says his team wanted to create a game that both laid-back casual gamers and genre veterans could enjoy. That's a pretty lofty goal, especially for a development outfit that consists of just two people, but publisher Dear Villagers is convinced the developer can pull it off. Dear Villagers publishing head Guillaume Jamet says he "couldn't help but be delighted" by his first look at Fabledom, which bodes well for the game proper.

Fabledom heads to Steam Early Access sometime this spring. Stay tuned to TechRaptor for a more specific release date as and when we get it.


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